AnastasiaDate review
  • It’s quick and easy to sign up to AsianDate.
  • There are thousands of single ladies on the site, and many of them spend hours online.
  • You get a lot of attention from members on
  • According to official reports, this dating platform has a pretty high success rate. Approximately 6000 international marriages a year.
  • We experienced technical difficulties while testing the platform and writing the review. To be more specific, it wasn’t working evenings properly.
  • Questionable safety level that doesn’t encourage to become a member of AsianDate.
  • The official app is available only for Android devices.
  • Using AsianDate will cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you are a talkative person.
  • Once joining AD, you automatically become a member of the whole family of sites. It doesn’t matter if you are interested or not.
  • You have only one month to buy a subscription, or your account will be deactivated.


AnastasiaDate: does love really know no boundaries?

AnastasiaDate: does love really know no boundaries? website is one of the most well-known international dating services. This platform was created in the already distant 1993 as typical of the time offline dating agency. Interesting fact: the founders of this site have themselves found their love abroad. So one might think that people with such an experience can’t do anything wrong since they got through this and wish others to be as happy as they are. And, most likely, it used to be like this – at least till 2011. Namely, from this moment, the owners of this service became Social Discovery Ventures. These guys are private investors and don’t really have any romantic story behind them. Is that the reason why over the last ten years, this matchmaking service has repeatedly found itself in the middle of many scandals? Also, to be absolutely honest, the recent AnastasiaDate reviews either paint a rosy picture or tear down all the apparent benefits. But where is the truth? We’ll try to find the answer to this question by making an exhaustive review of it. So you, as the reader of this article, would have a chance to choose or not choose this website, building your opinion upon objective facts.

First impression

When you open the main page of the AnastasiaDate dating website, the first impression it makes is pretty good. The service logo, color, and style, in general, associate with something honorable, royal. Yes, the web designers could say at think point that the home page of this platform is not designed in accordance with the latest trends, and it’s true. However, the creators’ idea to use the character of the Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia as the central inspiration element undoubtedly succeeded. Scrolling the main page a bit down, it becomes apparent that dating site Anastasia Date belongs to the same people as AsianDate and AmoLatina – so similar the content is. Once again, its owners promise the newcomers high-level protection, members’ identities verification, lots of attention, and plenty of communication opportunities. But does it really work this way? Well… Keeping in mind the experience we had testing the other platforms that belong to these guys – the final result is quite uncertain. If you scroll the home page a bit more, you will see what users think of AD. And, actually, it doesn’t sound encouraging. They all emphasize how much fun it is to communicate with people through this service. Still, not one of them says anything about serious relationships found through it. Sorry guys, but who really wants to use AnastasiaDate to connect with women from different parts of the world just to flirt online? For this purpose, the price is a bit too high since social networks enable singles to have online fun without spending a penny! So, in case it’s your goal too – better consider using some other website. The chances of meeting your soulmate there we’ll discuss a bit later.

AnastasiaDate women: where are they from?

Various AnastasiaDate dating site reviews state – this matchmaking service is specialized in making acquaintances between Western men and Eastern-European women. It makes sense, especially taking into account which personality was the object of inspiration there. However, according to official statistics, the majority of female members of this site come not from Russia but from Ukraine. It deserves extra attention that AD can use straight people, as well as gays and lesbians. Notwithstanding the fact, we’ll make this review from the point of view of a heterosexual person, you can indicate your preferences during the registration process.

How do you sign up?

If you want to sign up to AnastasiaDate – it won’t be hard. In fact, it will take approximately five minutes of your precious time. To do this, you need to open up the main page of AD and decide which one of the available options is, in your opinion, better. The quickest one surely is to sign in via Google. In this case, you simply let the website take the public information from your Google account to transfer it to your AD account. Sounds pretty convenient. If, for some reason, the mentioned above option isn’t right for you – no panic. You can always create an account anew. Simply choose who you are looking for, write your name, valid email address, and think up the password. As soon as the task is complete – hit the “Find your matches” button. After that, you will be redirected to your newly created user page. To finish the registration, you need to click on the confirmation link they sent to your email. It’s funny, but even without this last step, your profile on Anastasia Date becomes visible for female members. We can’t think of any other way to explain the incoming chat requests from ladies within minutes of being registered. How do you sign up to Anastasia Date Your profile on AnastasiaDate becomes visible


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

How do you set up your profile?

AnastasiaDate recommends writing as many details in your profile as possible since that increases your chances to find love. Oh well, it’s hard to argue with this statement. To do this, you need to choose the My Profile button, placed on the red stripe right below the website logo. What kind of information can you write in your account, then? That’s pretty standard, but AD offers to start with telling members some basic facts about yourself. It includes your date of birth, height, weight, the color of your eyes, and hair. Education level, the languages you speak, job. Hobbies and interests are also there. Anastasia Date brides like to know your marital status, the presence of children in your life, and information about bad habits. You can upload up to four pictures, mark the reasons for joining AD, and give more details about your dream partner. When the end of the questionnaire is reached comes the most unexpected question we have ever seen. You need to tick appropriate boxes that indicate the places you want to travel with your girlfriend. From the Caribbean to Scandinavia – a rather long list of possible trip destinations, but what difference does it make in dating? Is it a hidden hint on your annual income? Think it over before marking the answers. AnastasiaDate recommends writing as many details in your profil

What does a free membership offer?

Our rule and AnastasiaDate’s review of the website is no exception – is to be absolutely honest. We always try to judge the platform’s services with regard to the charges on it. Since each fee should be viewed through the prism of its quality. But let’s start with what AnastasiaDate offers for free. Once you are registered to AD, you receive a kind of test membership. They also call it a Trial Period. According to this rule, you get one month to look around and become a paid user. Otherwise, your account will be deactivated. Which features are available during this period? Actually, only basic ones. You can create your profile and make changes to it. The site owners will be so kind to include you in their database and make you visible to other members. The ability to read messages is probably the nicest one alongside browsing profiles of the ladies. And, that’s all. If you don’t want to buy the subscription after that period – you lose all access to your user account. Still, it remains possible to make a purchase at any time later.

What does a paid membership offer?

Talking about the prices on AnastasiaDate, we need to mention that they provide the membership fee together with extra charges for the services. The site currency – credits, and you need to convert your money to communicate with other members. So, monthly subscription costs $59.99 (150 credits), $179.99 (600 credits), $ 352.99 (1500 credits). The very first subscription is much cheaper than any following one and costs only $23.99 for the same 150 credits. You need to keep in mind that after the initial purchase – dating platform AnastasiaDate, will charge your credit card every month until you cancel it. Good news for all newcomers. AD gives them 20 welcome credits and ten free live chat sessions (3 minutes each) in addition to the described above package. But what to do when the subscription credits are over – and Anastasia Date girls still want to communicate with you? Buy some extras, of course! At this point, we want to mention how much each of the AD services costs. The correspondence system (sending and opening letters) is priced at 10 credits for each. The charge for the text chat is 1 credit per minute, while video chat costs 2. Better avoid sending pictures during the chat session since the price of it is 15 credits each. CallMe fee is 10 credits per minute (100 credits deposit is required). At the same time, DirectCall is a bit more affordable – 5 credits per minute and no down payment. Flowers & Presents, as well as Stickers in chat, don’t have an exact price. It varies depending on which one you choose. Unfortunately, we can’t call these prices reasonable.

Main features

At this point in our Anastasia Date dating service review – we want to explore in more detail its main features. When opening your user page, at the left side of the screen – you can find the service panel of your account. It shows how many new emails you at the moment have and gives the exact number of users currently online. Also, from this sidebar, you can get quick access to your contact list, phone calls reservations, and gift delivery orders. The broadcasts button enables you to look at live streams of female members of the Anastasia Date. Right near the Help Center button, where you can look for the answers to the frequently asked questions, there is the Bonus Points badge. Clicking on it, you can get information about the Bonus Program Anastasia Date offers its users. Of course, it is available only for those with paid membership. How does it work? You can collect points for using the platform’s services. For example, completing your profile or adding a photo gives five points, and sending a gift – 10. Already interested? Don’t forget to subscribe first. The corresponding button is also situated on the service panel. On the other side of the screen, just above the photos of the ladies, there are links to the additional AnastasiaDate features. Hitting the My account button, you simply refresh the page. The Broadcasts feature is absolutely similar to the one from the sidebar. A new one is – Search, which helps to find potential conversationalists, while My Profile lets you change your account information. Main features AnastasiaDate site

How do you search and sort the ladies?

The AnastasiaDate search system, at first, is displayed in its simple version. In this case, you can use only basic search criteria. Namely: age range, interest, and country your potential girlfriend comes from. Also, you can filter those members who are online at the moment, available in CamShare or have videos in their profiles. In case you want to find the exact user in the catalog and already have her ID number – the corresponding field is available below. The AnastasiaDate search system For those who are more specific in their expectations towards potential partners, the AnastasiaDate website has developed an advanced search. There, to the basic parameters are added various extra search criteria. Such as appearance characteristics: body type, height, hair, and eye color. Attitude towards smoking and drinking may be noticed there too. Not less important is the availability of children and English speaking skills. Simply said: pretty much to choose from. AnastasiaDate website has developed an advanced search

How do you communicate?

Like it was mentioned in different AnastasiaDate dating reviews, there are plenty of communication opportunities on this website. The first one we want to talk about is the Correspondence service. Using it, you can compose and read emails from other users, whether they are online at the moment or not. You, as well as your conversationalist, can attach pictures to each letter. However, be careful since only the first photo is free: each additional costs 10 credits. Speaking about the AnastasiaDate messaging, we can say that these guys have not only text and video chat. They also offer the so-called CamShare. But what is the difference except for the price? According to AD, it lies in the quality, size, and direction of the video. Full-screen mode is available only in CamShare too. You can arrange phone calls with AnastasiaDate women any time you like. Another nice dating opportunity you can start the communication with is sending virtual gifts, just like real ones.

Does AnastasiaDate have a mobile app?

Yes, it is, in fact, the AnastasiaDate app available – however, only for those who have their cell phones operated by Android. If you have an iPhone, there is, unfortunately, no application for you developed by this website. Still, the feedback from the users you can see in Google Play is not really good. They complain about various technical issues and, based on 35 339 comments – the general rate of it is only 3,7.

Customer support

Writing a review on the AnastasiaDate dating site Writing a review on the AnastasiaDate dating site, we can’t leave such an essential part of the website services as the customer support without attention. So how does AD help its users resolve problems? First of all, they suggest searching for answers in their Help Center. Still, like in the FAQ section of any other platform, the answers the site administrator has written there are not detailed. What to do if you can’t find what you need in the Help Center? You can try to contact the customer support team using the AnastasiaDate contact form. There you need to enter your email address as well as a phone number. Choose the subject and describe your problem in the corresponding field. Unfortunately, don’t expect to get a reply fast. As usual, it takes at least 24 hours.

Security and safety

We like to start with good news, and AnastasiaDate’s review won’t be an exception. So, AD is SSL certified, and it ought to protect your payments’ safety. In general, all transactions are protected by Visa Secure and Mastercard ID check. Also, the site representative claims that their strict anti-scam policy really works. A part of it is, for example, the female members’ verification. It includes checking passports and holding video chats to be sure that it’s the same person who has signed up. Sounds good, but is it the truth about AnastasiaDate? Well, reading the Terms and Conditions of this website doesn’t give the same impression. Particularly worrying is the part when AD says that doesn’t warrant your use of the services will be secure and uninterrupted. Also, by clicking the “I agree” button, you accept the fact any member of AnastasiaDate should not definitely be at least the required minimum age. It means they assume there are underage site users and don’t want to deal with it. What is pretty funny since, as far as we remember – they require official documents for registration. At the same time, AD, according to the agreement, is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate content posted on the website. Does it mean information in ladies’ profiles may be false? Most likely – yes. We don’t want to make you even sadder, so won’t write more warning points from Terms and Conditions. If you are ready to hear some more – read it carefully, and you will be a bit shocked.

AnastasiaDate FAQ

Is AnastasiaDate free?

Like any review actually informs – this dating platform is not free at all. If you want your profile to be searchable in the catalog – buying a subscription is required. In addition, each service has its price.

How to create a profile on AnastasiaDate?

AnastasiaDate profiles are easy to create. You can either use your Google account or, providing just a little information, make it anew. From our experience, it doesn’t take more than five minutes.

How do AnastasiaDate credits work?

People, as soon as they have joined AnastasiaDate, can’t use any real-life money to buy its services. For this purpose, AD created the virtual site currency – credits. When buying a monthly subscription, you automatically get some amount of credits you can spend on communication. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy extras in case you need some more.

Is AnastasiaDate safe?

Oh well, our opinion is fundamentally different from what AnastasiaDate online dating site representatives say. According to them, site services are absolutely safe. We, after reading the Terms and Conditions, unfortunately, can’t agree. AD doesn’t take responsibility for its users’ actions, including the truthfulness of the information they provide. The same goes even for age. So, it’s possible to meet underage girls there.

How can I delete my AnastasiaDate profile?

One thing we can say about AnastasiaDate and that’s certain. It won’t be easy to delete your profile there (after you’ve bought the subscription, of course). It won’t be enough just to contact the site administration in this regard. It’s necessary to get in touch with your bank to prevent further charges from your credit card. Or, in case you use Apple Pay or Google Pay – inform them about your decision too.

How many members does AnastasiaDate have?

Once the AnastasiaDate login page is left behind – and you became a member of it – keep in mind that you have joined a platform with more than four million active users.

Can I use AnastasiaDate anonymously?

Interesting fact: every AnastasiaDate woman is required to provide documents that verify her identity (at least they say so). But concerning male users, AD rules are not so strict. You don’t need to prove your name is Tim, not Fred. So, it automatically means: you can use the site under the nickname or anonymously.

Is messaging free?

Once again, we need to refer to our AnastasiaDate site review. As it was stated, you can’t communicate on this platform for free.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Actually, the services that AnastasiaDate provides are available right after signing up. They say you need to confirm your email address to complete the registration. We, however, weren’t able to do this since even after 48 hours of waiting – the confirmation email didn’t come. Notwithstanding this fact, we were able to use all site services, including buying a membership.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

We can understand why you ask this question since AnastasiaDate scam reports have flooded the Internet. Still, in this regard, you have only two options: either trust AD’s promises or check. We, personally, prefer the second one. How to do this, then? For example, you can search your lady’s name on the Internet and look for her social network page. Or simply ask to make video chats as often as possible.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

Experts in the context of using dating platforms usually give similar recommendations. First of all, do not visit AnastasiaDate from public computers. Never forget to log out from your account if you don’t plan to continue communication for a few hours. Don’t give any other person your access data. Be especially careful with what you write to the ladies. No matter how pretty your conversationalist is – she might still be a scammer. So don’t trust someone from the Internet right away.

Final verdict

So, love seeker, we have told you in detail about the rules AnastasiaDate works under, gave recommendations, and shared our worries. At this point, we want to answer the most important question. Is AnastasiaDate worth it? Our experience says – no. The prices are way too high to take risks. Moreover: it looks like women there want to have fun and chat, but not something serious. And, for this purpose, you can find many other free opportunities.

Much has been said till this point, but the question remains: is AsianDate worth it? Do you really need to pay so much money to communicate with Asians with the help of this site? In our opinion - no. There is nothing special about it except for the prices and constant technical issues. The number of members and their 24 hours/7 days a week online talkativeness don't give a good impression either. Still, the final decision is up to you.

Safe & Secure
Communication Options
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8.3 Overall Rating