8.5/10 a trustworthy dating website or a waste of time?
  • You can join the BravoDate website and set up your profile for free
  • The platform’s gender ratio is favorable for men: approximately 70% of users are females
  • You can scroll through the Newsfeed, put likes, and get attention from the ladies
  • With the help of the dating game People, you can determine potential matches
  • You can get 20 credits for communication for free
  • There is no BravoDate app
  • Not all female users are verified
  • The BD site owners, for some reason, hide the legal name of their company
  • According to many reports, scammers operate on this platform through fake profiles and stolen Instagram photos, while other girls – chat for money
  • There are many additional payments on BravoDate. For example, stickers in chat
  • The BD Search has only three filters Most people fall in love with those who live not far away from them. Sounds boring and routine, isn’t it? How about a change, then? If you are open-minded enough, you can get to know new fascinating singles through international matchmaking platforms. Don’t forget to read the dating site review on the most promising one, though. Websites oriented toward lonely hearts around the globe indeed seem advantageous. Good-looking women, sweet and intelligent men – what could be better? Also, we bet you know some people who found their happiness with the help of international matchmakers! And, perhaps, after a few months of communication and the first date – they knew they were made for each other. Is that accurately what motivates you? Are you looking for a dating platform you can trust? Do you know how to estimate the trustworthiness of the site you want to join? Apparently, you need an expert assistant to make your path straight through an abundance of proposals! And it’s your lucky day today – we can give you the knowledge you need. However, it won’t be an article with general recommendations this time. Today, we want to draw your attention to only one provider. We talk about the BravoDate com online dating site. Is this platform reliable enough to invest your money and time in it? Let’s figure it out together!

First impression

We like to start our review on the BravoDate dating site with the first impression it gives. So, what do the potential new users see there? Above all, namely, the background picture catches the eye. And not because it’s stimulating or generally relevant. Its quality alone is not high enough. Thus, you can see the pixels even on a laptop with a relatively small display. At the same time, we don’t think the image reflects the idea of BD. Looking at a woman with classic office clothing on, one can decide this is the platform for career-oriented singles – not just an international dating site. Therefore, dear Bravo Date owners, we hope you guys will do something to fix this. Scroll the BD homepage down – you can familiarize yourself with the website’s values and its vision. Initially, the administration wants you to consider them an international community, not a matchmaking agency. They also suggest you will get outstanding service there. A user-friendly interface, various communication tools, and additional features must help. The same goes for customer support which creates a pleasant environment for love search. Is it really so? We can’t tell yet, but let’s expect to get all the benefits mentioned above! What we didn’t like is – before you choose the BravoDate sign-up, you don’t get somehow informed that the platform’s services aren’t free. The fact that you can join without any obligations gives false hopes for sure. Anyway, generally, the first impression is not bad. Yes, it definitely looks less captivating compared to the market’s pioneers. But we don’t see why you should run away without trying (at least, for now).


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

BravoDate women: where are they from?

Unfortunately, if you can’t enter your user name and password on the BravoDate login page – you aren’t able to find out anything about its members. The only information available is that the site is international. It is very short-sighted from the administration’s side, we think. Since potential new members can’t identify before joining female representatives of which nations search for love there. But don’t be upset. Do you remember we promised you could learn all the necessary details from our BravoDate site review? Thus, we have managed to discover a few facts about BD members. Firstly, there are presented, mostly, Slavic women on this platform. Secondly, the countries they live in (in many cases) – are Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Moldova. And thirdly, the total number of users on BravoDate in 2022 is around twenty-four thousand. The gender ratio is pretty uneven, though: 70% girls to 30% guys.

How do you sign up?

What do you need to do to sign up to BravoDate? Is it a complex task for an inexperienced user? To figure it out, we’ll complete all the required steps and share the instructions with you. Okay, let’s start. In the first place – you need to fill out the registration form available on the right side of the screen. Below the words “It’s free to join,” you can see the five fields where your personal information must be added. Namely, if you want to get access to the BravoDate features, you need to share your gender, name, date of birth, and email address. After that, think up the password (that consists of at least 8 characters) – and hit the Register button. When the initial stage is completed, you will be asked to take the quiz to use the site to its fullest. There are three parts of it – and each question may be skipped. Here is what BravoDate brides want to know about you:

  • your online dating experience;
  • your goals on the site (up to 3);
  • your field of work;
  • your current marital status;
  • your level of English;
  • your ability to speak other languages;
  • your character’s description (up to 3);
  • your regime of the day;
  • your favorite pastime activities (up to 3);
  • your attitude towards reading;
  • your favorite music and movies genres (up to 3);
  • your guilty pleasure;
  • your favorite reasons to laugh (up to 3);
  • your thoughts concerning soulmates;
  • your story (in a few words).

Already tired? It was only the first stage! The second step of the questionnaire on the website is related to your dream girlfriend. Her age, personality type, appearance, and special traits… Everything could be specified there. In the end, you will be asked to add your photo and give likes to the random ladies you would like to chat with. After that – press Get started, and you will finally be redirected to your newly-created user page.

How do you set up your profile?

What do you need to do if you want to set up your profile on BravoDate? Don’t worry – it will take just a few steps. You can see your avatar picture on the top right side of the screen. Select it and choose Your Profile from the drop-down list. You can start editing your user information (right on the page you will be redirected to). Actually, if you have done everything right during the registration quiz – you don’t need to go through this again. The questions and answer options are practically the same. At the same time, in case you have skipped the questionnaire – it’s great to know you can get back to it when you have more time. After all, BravoDate ladies are looking for men with certain qualities. So if you decide to leave your profile empty – the probability someone will be interested to know you better is really low. P.S. Don’t forget to click the Save button – otherwise, the changes you have made disappear.

Main features

Many BravoDate dating site reviews state that the platform’s features aren’t unique. We need to agree here because it is really obvious. Moreover, in our opinion, the owners of BD possess not only this website – but the whole bunch of such international agencies. Check, for example,, and you will see that the only thing that changes is the service’s logo. Anyway, we’ll still highlight the BravoDate tools available there. It will come in handy for newcomers to the online dating world. The first feature we’ll talk about is named People. As you can see from the screenshot, it’s a sort of dating game. When using it, you get random profiles of BravoDate girls that could be your matches. You may either press Skip or Like (and indicate your fondness). Also, if you feel genuinely captivated by the lady, below her picture are three extra options available. For instance, you can invite your crush to the chat room, send a wink, or order a gift. By the way, above her picture, you can see the photos of the females who will appear next. The second tool is – Newsfeed. Yes – it’s a feed, just like on Facebook or Instagram. It is to say, the principles there are similar. Scrolling through it, you can see what members of the BravoDate platform have recently posted. These could be photos and videos accompanied by short comments. You can Like the content and start following your favorite girls (in this case, their posts will be placed in a separate tab). With time, when you find a BravoDate woman you have a special connection with – it makes sense to order her a romantic surprise. The BD presents catalog is pretty big and includes flowers, fragrances, gift certificates, toys, devices, and many more. In case – you are not ready to spend so much money on real gifts – a virtual alternative is always available. BravoDate offers lots of funny badges you can present your lady with. From roses to champagne glasses – everything your heart desires. Although the aroma of flowers can’t be caught through the display…

Does BravoDate have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, there is no BravoDate app available to download. We find it’s a huge drawback since modern singles are used to doing everything on the go. So how high is the likelihood someone will delete Tinder and chat on BD from his laptop instead? Don’t say a word – it’s really implausible, so we understand the reason for your disappointment.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

It’s clear that you want to use BravoDate to connect with women from Eastern Europe. But how do you determine girls to chat with? In what way do you find the best matches there? Apparently, you are here suggested to use the BravoDate search. As a rule, dating platforms offer basic and advanced alternatives. BD is not the case, though. Since there is only one option available: with the most fundamental filters. Compared to what usually could be set, it is really not much: merely the potential partner’s country, age, and gender. Nothing about hobbies, preferences, dating goals, or anything else necessary to eliminate unsuitable candidates. So it is easy to understand why BravoDate reviews advise using People or Newsfeed features instead.

How do you communicate?

Among services that BravoDates provides are, of course, those directed to communication. You can’t find your love without them. Still, it’s crucial to figure out what is offered beforehand. That’s precisely what we will do in this section of our article. The first opportunity you have when using BravoDate is named Mailbox. No, your eyes are not deceiving you – it is just the regular email box. No matter which provider you currently have – its work principle is the same as by BravoDate. Even the folders are similar: Inbox, Outbox, Trash, and Drafts. The incoming letters from the ladies will be partly displayed and marked as New or Unanswered. The field where you can insert your reply will be automatically shown below the whole text of the mail. Thus, we don’t think you’ll experience any difficulties communicating through Mailbox. The second possibility to talk with girls is BravoDate messaging. You can find it under the corresponding title. Basically, it’s just a chat room. Therefore, we bet you already know what to do there. So, in our opinion – it’s better to focus on its certain features than give you the instructions. The best thing about Messages is you already have some templates accessible under the Let’s Talk button. BravoDate recommends using these texts when you have absolutely no idea what to write to a woman. Also, in chat, you can send winks, stickers, and media files. But be careful – some of these things involve extra costs. And, that’s all. As you can see, as a member of BravoDate, you don’t have a wide range of services that help to stay in touch with your favorites.

What does a free membership offer?

We assume – you were waiting, namely, for this part of our BravoDate dating service review. And you are right: it’s essential to find out whether you can eventually use it for free all the time. And, if not – how much money will you need? Okay, let’s tell it all in order. What can you do on BD without buying a paid membership? Firstly, the dating platform BravoDate doesn’t charge any subscription fee. The same goes for editing your profile information and unloading photos. You can use Search and view the ladies’ profiles (exclusive private photos) at no cost. Sending winks and putting likes under the pictures and posts of your favorites is free of charge too. The usage of the matchmaking game People doesn’t bring any expense. The rest of the features and services, as it was stated in BravoDate dating reviews, oblige you to pay for them.

What does a paid membership offer?

It’s not enough to enter your username and password on the BravoDate sign-in form to get to know pretty Slavic females. As we have already stated, you can’t communicate there for free. How much does it cost, then? Before anything else, you will be asked to buy some credits. Since the prices on BravoDate are indicated in these virtual units. The end price of each depends on the package value that you choose. Here are your options: $2,99 (20 credits – available only during the first purchase), $9,99 (20 credits – all further purchases), $19,99 (50 credits), $44,99 (125 credits), $69,99 (250 credits), and $149,99 (750 credits). Let’s consider the charges to presume an average BravoDate cost of the monthly membership. You will need to pay 10 credits for sending the first letter to the lady and 30 for each further one. Your mail shouldn’t be longer than 3500 symbols. Opening the introduction email from the girl is free of charge, while right from the second one, you will pay 10 credits each. Although the attachments have an extra price: photos – 10 credits, videos – 50 credits. Do you remember that previously in our BravoDate review, we mentioned that chat has many additional paid tools? Thus, in most cases, you won’t pay just 2 credits per minute. Stickers cost 5 credits each, photos – 10 credits, and videos – 50 credits. So be careful when clicking on them – you will be charged immediately. There are also profile videos available. You can watch them for 50 credits, too. Watching a live stream is priced with 4 credits per minute. The final cost of the real gift should include the 100 credits delivery fee. You can make a meeting request for 625 credits too. So, what do you think: you can afford to become a member of BravoDate?

Customer support

The BravoDate online dating site offers you to get its help in a few ways. The first one is the Help Center. When taking a closer look at it, you will realize it’s a typical FAQ section. Commonly asked questions, the site administrator has compiled into subcategories: Privacy and Security, Billing, ID Verification, Technical Issues, Member Profiles, Contact Exchange, Guide to the Website, Messaging and Emailing, Real Gifts, and Meeting request Services. If you haven’t found what you need among the standard questions – don’t panic. There is always a more personalized option available. All members on can submit a request to the customer support service. To do this – you will be asked to provide your email address, issue description, subject, and attachments (optional). When you have shared all the necessary details of the topic that disturbs you, hit the Submit button and wait up to 72 hours. And no, you can’t speed up the process even if you have a paid subscription.

Security and safety

The BravoDate dating website, according to experts in the field of Internet security, is a pretty suspicious platform. Many aspects make them think so, we’ll share the most fundamental ones. Above all, the organization’s legal name is never mentioned, even in the Terms and Conditions. They use only the public one, which is actually against the law. Also, the official address of the company seems to be in Limassol, Cyprus. This island in the Mediterranean is now a stronghold for rip-off companies, mainly due to the favorable tax climate. Therefore, this is definitely something to think about… At the same time, the dating site BravoDate uses the iframe technology to integrate content and functionality on another platform. Nowadays, most professional and large providers hardly ever do this. On the other hand, we found a valid SSL certificate there. It is used to secure communications between your computer and the service. At this point, we need to admit that entering your personal information to websites that don’t have such a certification is dangerous – bear it in mind. The profile photos of BravoDate women seemed fishy to us. They give an impression you are dealing with professional models there. For this reason, we have contacted some former BD users. What they said doesn’t make the situation any better. These guys, for instance, were able to identify fake female members in the catalog. From their experience, scammers often use stolen Instagram photos. Such girls then try to make you chat with them as long as possible since they earn money for this online entertainment. Well, are you sure you want to join BD?

Pros and Cons

It is hard to make non-judgmental conclusions, minding the previous section of this article. But it’s our job, and we’ll try to make the list of advantages and disadvantages as unbiased as possible. After all, during testing, we could state some good things about this service. Okay, here we go.


Is BravoDate free to use?

As we have already stated in our review, you can’t use this platform without paying a cent. Well, at least, if you plan to communicate with the ladies. Unfortunately, all communication services involve paid membership. At the same time, you can make a woman’s contact information request solely after you spend 3000 credits on chats and letters with her.

How to create a profile on BravoDate?

The complete guidelines on creating BravoDate profiles can be found in our article. Therefore, here we’ll provide you with the most basic information. To sign up for BD, you will be asked to share your name, date of birth, gender, and email address. After that, you will be redirected to the dating quiz, which can also be skipped. And that’s all – you can start searching for love.

How do credits on BravoDate work?

Just like many other dating sites, BravoDate uses credits as its platform’s virtual currency. In other words, to pay for its services, you need to exchange your real-life dollars for these units first.

Is BravoDate safe?

The BravoDate online platform, to our regret, can’t be considered safe. The fact its owners hide the legal name and address of the organization is pretty suspicious. Also, certain technical nuances make us worry about its level of Internet security.

How can I delete my BravoDate profile?

If you have created your profile on this site and then found out that the BravoDate mobile app doesn’t exist and the safety level is pretty low – it’s okay that you don’t want to waste your time there. How can you stop your membership in this case? It shouldn’t be hard. Just go to your profile settings. There is a big red button Deactivate Profile, right in front of its title. Renter your password in the corresponding form to proceed.

How many members does BravoDate have?

We were able to state that the total number of users on BD in 2022 is around twenty-four thousand. The daily number of men and women who visit BravoDate is – about 2000.

Can I use BravoDate anonymously?

You already know the truth about BravoDate. We talk about the fact these guys don’t ask their users to verify their identities. So, theoretically, you can use a nickname instead of your real one and, in this way, communicate anonymously.

How can I know that the BD profiles are real?

It is stated that the ladies’ profiles, marked with the green tick – are verified. So, in theory, you can be sure that these girls’ identities weren’t stolen. But it doesn’t mean you can lose your critical thinking. Just google “BravoDate scam,” and you will be unpleasantly surprised by the myriad of sad stories from former customers.

Is BD messaging free?

No, unfortunately, you can’t chat or exchange on this website for free. Do you wonder whether the communication services of BravoDate are worth it? Well, we are not sure, since there is a chance the girls will be talking with you only to earn some money.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

In fact, you don’t need to go through the verification process right after you have joined BravoDate. It is merely required if you want to proceed with a Contact- or Meeting request. Then, you will be asked to upload a selfie with your ID card or driver’s license. As a rule, it takes up to 72 hours.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

You already know what we think about BravoDate and its safety. Anyway, if you really want to become a member of this platform – be very careful with your personal information. Don’t believe in what BD ladies say by default – make sure they have earned your trust first. If possible, try to move your communication with the favorites out of the site. That’s how you will be able to find out whether they are honest with you or just work for BravoDate.

It's time to summarize what we have described in our review. We don't want to hold you up - therefore, the final verdict will be rather short. You are now aware of the biggest drawback of - its security. For this reason, it would be strange if we recommend you to choose this platform for the love search. However, if your dating goals are limited to online fun, BD could be a good option.

Safe & Secure
Communication Options
Detailed Profiles
Customer Support
8.5 Overall Rating