CharmDate review
  • It’s easy to create a profile on CharmDate.
  • There are a lot of pretty ladies from Eastern-European countries there.
  • You can download an official app for Android and iOS devices.
  • You can open letters from the Admirers folder for free.
  • The website’s design and main features are absolutely the same as AnastasiaDate.
  • Notwithstanding that the app exists, it works really slowly.
  • The security level offered to male members is insufficient.
  • There are too many fake profiles on CD. Moreover – they have the Verified badge.
  • The prices there are pretty high. the top-level international dating site or just empty promises and regret? the top-level international dating site Many single Western men dream of getting to know a beautiful and clever woman from Eastern Europe. Namely, such countries as Russia or Ukraine seem the most appealing. Let us guess, this is your desire too. But don’t think it’s something extraordinary since these wishes of your heart are indeed understandable. Just enter a search request in your Internet browser. According to many opinions, this platform, established in 1998, can help you experience what you want. Right there, you can meet many sweet ladies from Eastern European countries without getting up off the couch! But how convenient is that service? How trustworthy are the female members? While writing our CharmDate’s review of the website, we thoroughly studied the dating provider and its main features. At the same time, we didn’t forget to take a closer look at the seriousness of CD users. But enough spoilers! Right in a few minutes, you will learn everything a potential male member needs to know before joining this site.

First impression

We want to begin our CharmDate dating service review with the initial impression it makes. As usual, the first thing we are going to talk about is the platform’s design. If you wonder why we find it so important, we’ll try to explain. In our opinion, this seemingly insignificant nuance perfectly demonstrates the general attitude towards the site’s customers. The outdated and complex interface shows that owners are only interested in handing out users’ money without giving anything decent in return. And on the opposite, modern and user-friendly design indicates respect everyone deserves. Therefore, when talking about CharmDate – we can’t say what these guys offer looks up-to-date. All details – from the site logo to fonts – nothing has changed since, at the very latest, 2002. Once again, we find it really disappointing! Because the official revenue of five million dollars a year – enables the owners to upgrade usability and other technical/visual matters regularly. Let’s highlight the three main promises the website gives. The first one – is a large database of verified and active singles. Unfortunately, we can’t check it before joining: hence CD doesn’t give access to ladies’ profiles to non-members. The second one – is efficient communication tools – requires signing up either. Still, the services they announce are not unique. The third one – the top-level safety and professional support are also questionable. If you read the opinions of former users, you understand what we mean. First impression about If you scroll through the homepage of the CharmDate dating website below – you can find information about its promotions. The discounts seem, in fact, good. On the other hand, the opportunities to buy something 30% cheaper appear pretty seldom. Namely – once in six months. We think this perfectly reflects what many people have already written in various CharmDate reviews. It is definitely the fact – they are not willing to sacrifice a penny of their income to help men and women find their love faster.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

CharmDate women: where are they from?

As mentioned in CharmDate dating site reviews – the platform specializes in bringing together Western guys and Eastern European ladies. Cute and single girls from Russia and Ukraine are waiting for you there. The age groups are pleasantly bright: from 18 to 55 years old. Although, at this point – we need to say a few words about the gender ratio on CD. If you want to join it, you must be prepared for a certain level of competition. It is, actually, uncommon for international matchmaking websites, but there are significantly more male members there – about 73%. Yes, the knowledge of basic math lets us state that there are only 27% of female members on So don’t be surprised if you won’t get as much attention as you expected. Generally, the number of users at CD is around 600,000. According to our impression, around one-third of them are communicating actively daily. We hope these facts will help you to estimate your chances of success.

How do you sign up?

If you want to sign up to CharmDate – there is no need to worry. This task seems to be almost effortless. But let us give you concrete instructions. How do you sign up to CharmDate On CD’s homepage, on the right side of the screen – you can see the registration form you need to fill out to become a member of it. It’s required that you enter your first and last name – just like your gender, date of birth, and email address. Don’t forget to set up the secure password and agree to the Terms of Use. Then – click the Find My Matches button. Unfortunately, you can’t skip these steps and log in with your Facebook or Google account when using CharmDate. But, as you can see, the process itself doesn’t take much time. Right after it, you can start communicating with the ladies. Find matches on

How do you set up your profile?

The next part of our CharmDate review is setting up a profile there. We sincerely advise you to take some time to complete it since this doesn’t only increase your chances of finding a special one in the shortest terms. The filled-out user information enables you to get 15 credits for free. How do you set up your profile on CharmDate To do this, you can simply hit the Complete My Profile button on the right side of the screen. "My Profile" button on As you can see, CharmDate recommends starting with basic information about yourself. For instance, the city you live in and your relationship status. Also, there you can change the data entered during the registration. CharmDate recommends starting with basic information about yourself. The next, and the last step, is devoted to more personal information. Two matters concerning your appearance: weight and height. If you have children – it’s time to mention it. Your education level, as well as hobbies and interests, could be indicated there too. Just like relationships goals, by the way. To make CharmDate brides more aware of who you really are, write a short self-description text. If this can’t be called your strong suit – use up to ten keywords offered by CD. We, personally, enjoyed the auto-write feature. And, that’s all – your profile is finally completed. Final stage of registration on

Main features

Main features Above all, right now, we need to confirm the thoughts expressed in many CharmDate dating reviews. Either the site administration has stolen the general idea of the user page theme or bought it – the fact remains. It looks entirely like the products of SOL Networks Limited (AnastasiaDate, AmoLatina, etc.) Moreover, magically, as soon as you are finally logged in – the platform’s motto changes too. It turns into, “Where love is borderless.» Nuances of the site CharmDate By coincidence, AnastasiaDate’s slogan is, “Love knows no boundaries.” Thus, dear CharmDate, shame on you. We understand it’s hard to think up something new nowadays. Still, using the creativity and work of someone else is never good – such an approach to business shouldn’t be supported… Anyway, there are a few CharmDate features we want to focus our attention on. The first one is – Video Show. Few CharmDate features If a lady you like has it – great. According to the representatives of the dating site CharmDate, such video introductions help add another dimension to dating. The five seconds preview is free to watch. Video Show on CharmDate The next feature we are going to highlight is the Call Service. You can use this CharmDate service for calls in all countries. Although there are three options available: scheduled calls, instant calls, and call me. For the first one, you need to make a reservation and agree on the date and time with your woman. The second one doesn’t require any arrangements – you can call your favorite lady right away (if she is available for it). The third option enables you to receive calls from all girls from your contact list. CharmDate service for calls in all countries. How you can call women on There are also virtual and real gifts on Notwithstanding the prices seem too high, you can use these services to make your online girlfriend smile.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

Okay, let’s figure out how the CharmDate search works. Just like always, there are a few alternatives here. We invite you to take a closer look at the basic one. To get access to it, you need to click the corresponding button on the sidebar. How do you search and sort the ladies on There you can set the most essential filters. For example, the age range of the CharmDate girls you are interested in getting to know, the country they ought to live in, and their interests. Also, you can choose only members who are at the moment online, available for CamShare or instant calls, and those with Video Show. Hit the Show Matches button to see the results. If you need more search criteria, click the More Options badge. Filters to find women on As you can see, CharmDate offers more filters. This includes height, zodiac sign, education level, profession, religion, relationships status, and presence of children. If you already know who you want to chat with – choose the search by member’s ID. CharmDate search by member's ID There is one more Charm Date search opportunity available. The name of it is Smart Matches. How does it work? In the context of the interests and preferences you indicate on your user page, the smart algorithm determines your best possible partners from the site catalog. We, for sure, find this feature really promising.

Does CharmDate have a mobile app?

Does CharmDate have a mobile app? Yes, there is an official CharmDate app for Android and iOS devices. The site representatives say, with its help, you get access to all family sites of Qpid Network. It includes,, and

How do you communicate?

Without a doubt, you want to use CharmDate to connect with women – not just to look around. Thus, let’s consider what kind of opportunities you have in this regard. How do you communicate on CharmDate? We like to start with Admirer Mail. There are the incoming letters of ladies who find you attractive. You can read these emails for free and then express your mutual interest. The next is EMF Mail. As far as we understand, these are just regular letters you can exchange with CharmDate women. They say the usual time of reply is 72 hours. Exchange with CharmDate women by Admirer Mail or regular letters. The chat on CD is also pretty ordinary. To be more specific – it is an instant messaging service. There you can talk with the ladies in real-time, turn on your camera and make a video chat – as well as send various emojis. Also, don’t forget that Charm dating site considers two-way video chat as CamShare. So, in this case, the price will differ.

What does a free membership offer?

That would be beside the point to make a review on the CharmDate dating site without analyzing its price/quality ratio. Like always, we want to start with the services you can get for free. It is definitely not possible to use services that CharmDate provides without becoming a Premium member. Although, you can look around before deciding on buying a subscription. For instance – you can use the CD site’s search. It includes browsing the profiles of all ladies from the catalog. The only communication way that can be used at no cost is – letters from Admirers. Still, it should be mentioned – you can only read the incoming mails there – replying has its price.

What does a paid membership offer?

All Charm Date reviews have a section – where the prices on this dating platform are described. If you have read some of them, you probably won’t find anything new here. Thus, this part of our article will be interesting for newcomers for the most part.

So, what kind of privileges do men get after buying a Premium membership?

Above all, such male members of CharmDate can unlock the blurred photos in profiles of all women. Also, when something concerns them – these guys receive replies from the customer support service faster compared to basic ones. The rest of the services have their price in credits. It’s the virtual currency of the site – which could be bought in packages. What does a paid membership offer on Charm Date? As you can see, there are only three packages available. The end CharmDate cost of the communication tools depends on how large the package you choose is. Anyway, what is the point of buying 2 credits – we don’t really understand… Okay, let’s take a closer look at CharmDate messaging and its pricing. The EMF letters cost 1 credit each (for opening and replying). For five minutes of text chat, you will be charged with 0,5 credits. If you or your woman turn the camera on during chatting – the price will change to 1 credit per five minutes. CamShare (both conversationalists can see each other) is the most expensive option – 0,6 credits per minute. If you want to hear your favorite CharmDate woman’s voice – be ready to pay 1 credit per minute of conversation. Keep in mind: this doesn’t include the interpreter’s services.

Customer support

A member of CharmDate can contact the site administration by clicking on the Customer Care button in the user menu. There, you will be offered to submit a ticket with your question. You can do it in a few steps. CharmDate customer support The first stage is – specifying the subject. The first stage is - specifying the subject. Then, it will be suggested you look for the answer in the FAQ section of the CharmDate website. So click no if there is nothing worthwhile there. Then, finally, appears the contact form. FAQ section of the CharmDate website. You will need to choose the category of your issue; enter the subject of your mail – and the text itself. If instructed – it’s possible to attach the file. Still, don’t expect to get a reply right away, especially if you are not a premium member. According to the number of CharmDate reviews – it takes at least 72 hours.

Security and safety

Of course, during testing and preparing our CharmDate’s review, certain disadvantages of this platform were found. Understand us right – we don’t want to say the competitors of these guys are perfect. Still, there are a number of nuances that raise serious concerns. Take a closer look at CharmDate profiles of the ladies. Do you notice anything remarkable? Don’t you see the most obvious problem – fakes? In our opinion, the administration does absolutely nothing to solve this issue, notwithstanding they state exactly the opposite. Okay-okay, we understand you read this dating site review because you want concrete facts – and we are not going to disappoint you. If you are already a member of this platform, search for a girl named Irena (Profile ID: C951152). In case you didn’t have time to sign up – don’t worry – we have a screenshot for you. CharmDate security and safety Do you see what we see? Namely: a verified profile of a 24 years old single lady who lives in Kyiv and doesn’t have children. However, if you become a little more attentive than usual – you notice one thing. There are two different women in the photos! The first one, probably, is that girl who has joined CharmDate. Here she is: Profile of single lady from Kyiv who has joined CharmDate But, in the avatar picture, you can see an absolutely different woman! And, we know who she is. Say hello to a famous Ukrainian singer Olga Gorbachova – here is the link to her official website The photo we found on the Internet is, obviously, from the same photo session: Famous Ukrainian singer Olga Gorbachova Also, if you think that Olga is secretly using the CharmDate dating site – you are wrong. We bet the husband of this 40-year-old woman, as well as her two children, would be surprised to find it out. Olga with husband and children Unfortunately, this is not the only example of how CD neglects the safety of its male members and welcomes scammers to operate on their platform. Thus, we recommend you delete your CharmDate login and password information and never use it again…

CharmDate dating site FAQ

Is CharmDate free to use?

As soon as you enter your email address and password on the CharmDate login page – be ready to pay. Well, at least, if you don’t want to limit your dating opportunities to searching for potential conversationalists and browsing their profiles. For the rest of the available services, buying credits is required.

How to create a profile on CharmDate?

As mentioned in our review – it’s not hard to create a profile on this website. In fact, everyone who decides to join it can start flirting in just a few minutes after the registration. New users only have to provide a few standard facts about themselves – such as gender, country, or date of birth. The password and private e-mail address are also required. It must be mentioned that you can create a profile on this platform for free.

How do CharmDate credits work?

The CharmDate online dating site has its own virtual currency – credits. You need to convert your real-life money into these standard units to enable yourself to buy the platform’s services. The larger package you select – the lower is the price of each credit.

How can I delete my CharmDate profile?

The way services of CharmDate work – it’s not definitely necessary to delete your profile when you don’t need it anymore. As an example, they don’t have a membership fee, so it won’t be automatically renewed even if you don’t log in. Although, in case you still want to do this – contact the site administrator and explain why. The rest depends on how quickly these guys react.

How many members does CharmDate have?

According to official information, there are around 600,000 members on this site. Only 27% of them are CharmDate ladies looking for love abroad. The rest – 73% – are single men.

Can I use CharmDate anonymously?

If you have read our review attentively enough – you already know the truth about CharmDate. Simply said – the site administration, obviously, doesn’t really care about what their users post. So if you say your name is Brad Pitt instead of the real one – no one is going to know. And in such a context, this might also mean anonymity.

Is CD messaging free?

No, as we have already mentioned – you can’t communicate with women on this website for free. We, therefore, advise you to check the prices on CharmDate before you decide to join.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

When you visit CharmDate for the first time, you are asked to provide your valid email address. Make sure you do this! Without confirming it – your profile won’t be approved. And that’s the only thing you need, in fact.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

No, you can’t know that. And in our opinion, it is the main drawback of Read the example from our review to realize we have a right to say so.

Is CharmDate safe?

Due to the fact, there are a lot of CharmDate scam reports – we can’t say this platform is safe to use. Moreover, during testing it, we’ve got a clear impression the site administration doesn’t want to fight this problem and, actually, welcomes fraudsters.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

The dating platform CharmDate has good tips in this regard. You can find them in the Helps and FAQs section (Safety Tips). Anyway, from our point of view, you need to follow the same rules as everywhere on the Internet.

It's time to make a final verdict and answer our usual question. So, is CharmDate worth it? We can say with all honesty - no. What is the point of giving your money to people who don't even bother checking the profiles of their members? How can you trust the Verified badge on the woman's user page - if they put it even on photos of Ukrainian celebrities? These are the issues we don't believe could be solved very soon. Thus, it's better to stay away from CharmDate, at least at the nearest time.

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