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Elite Singles Dating Site Review

Elite Singles
  • The website is simple to browse
  • Basic memberships come with no fees and never run out
  • Matchmaking services that Elite Singles provides accelerate the dating process
  • A mobile app is readily available
  • A free personality quiz is supplied with a complete assessment of the results
  • Memberships are automatically prolonged
  • Payments in one sum, prepayment
  • You have to upgrade your membership to send messages
  • Support is hard to get in touch with by phone

Nowadays, meeting a partner can be tricky. Online dating sites are a good way, however even these sites need some preliminary research – if you don’t spend the time to discover which platform fits you best, you’ll wind up searching for a girlfriend on Grindr. But no worries – Elite Singles dating service review is here to help. As you may be able to guess from the name of the dating site, Elite Singles is focused on matching professionals. It’s not exactly a site for anyone who just likes to mess around – the great majority of people signing up on the site are 30+ years old, well-educated, and succeeding in their lives. Sounds intriguing? Well, if these criteria quite accurately characterize you, check out the Elite Singles rating and try out the dating site – perhaps it’s the one for you?

First Impression

elitesingles.com is a form of unique dating website owing to its elite database of users. Only people with higher education are permitted to join. In fact, this is the basic mission of this dating website. While Elite Singles is a global dating site, its main audience is mostly made up of singles from the United States. At the moment, there are about 15 million people in the community. To get admitted, singles have to complete a comprehensive survey questionnaire. A number of users confess that it is slightly troublesome to respond to a bunch of questions just to get registered on the site. Others acknowledge that they have fun replying to all these queries hoping that this will lead them to find the perfect partner among thousands of candidates. There is one more feature that distinguishes the app from the rest. Elite Singles posts informative articles on its website regarding ways to achieve a happy relationship quite regularly. The team is made up of skilled psychologists who offer advice on a range of issues to the site’s visitors. For example, the professionals share hints on acting the right way on a first date or ways to keep going after a broken marriage. The majority of users agree that these hints are beneficial for them. Besides, the website contains love stories of real people showing that their strategy works.


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Elite Singles Women – Where are they from?

Elite Singles dating site counts millions of users from all over the world. Most of the users are from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. There are five million members of the Elite Singles from the US, and about 900,000 of them are active on a regular weekly basis. The main part of Elite Singles brides has a university education, is experienced, and working. Nearly 90% of Elite Singles dating website users are over 30 years old. The split in gender is nearly even between women and men.

Main Features

Elite Singles features a Basic subscription. But once you level up to a Premium subscription, you’ll be happy to discover that the site includes tools that make the matching process faster. These functions may not be highly cutting-edge, but they function. Having a premium account increases the chances that you will get a productive online dating experience.

  • Match Recommendation: using the info from the profile review, Elite Singles releases new match proposals for its users every day. Based on your likes, geographic locale, and survey form, you will be provided with a suggested profile list that may lead to a winning fit. Elite Singles saves you half the work of scanning through profiles to swiftly identify a compatible match.
  • Advanced Search: Advanced Search gives users the chance to sort match proposals by specific characteristics. These filters include age, hometown, physical traits, child preference, educational background, salary level, alcohol consumption, and so on.
  • Have You Met: Have You Met?” is a website-generated checklist of profiles that people may have skipped while searching for their proposed matches. This checklist function raises potentially appropriate fits that users might not have first noticed and presents a clear, easy-to-scan roundup.
  • Wildcard Matches: This feature is provided to users who have a premium membership. Wildcard Matches allow these users twenty additional matches per day to connect them with people they may not have originally considered.
  • Favorites list: If you are looking through the great choice of profiles on Elite Singles and spot a profile that is a good fit, hit the star symbol to put it on your favorites list. When you opt to take the profile down, just hit the star symbol again to drop the profile.
  • Elite Singles Magazine: Along with online dating, Elite Singles also provides an online magazine featuring blogs that offer tips and tricks on online dating from the pros.

How do you sign up?

The registration process is quite simple. It is clearly laid out and easy to navigate. There is even a percentage indicator that shows you how far you have come. If you get distracted during the process, you can always save and return later when you have more time. A straightforward sign-up process is always a plus for us, and unfortunately, something that many online dating sites overlook. It takes a good 15-20 minutes to go through the entire process, which really helps keep the people who aren’t serious out and the ones who are really looking for something in. Remember, you have to complete the registration process before you can see the games. This may be daunting for some people, but it should actually be seen as a positive. It means that you’ll end up on a site where everyone has a completed profile and has gone through the trouble of going through the process. Nothing is more annoying than an online dating site that is filled with empty and unfilled profiles. The survey questions are phrased in terms of statements that you rate as true, slightly true, or not true for yourself. These questions relate to characteristics such as:

  • How well do you handle conflict?
  • The way you describe yourself
  • What kind of entertainment do you like?
  • Your strengths and fears
  • Likes and dislikes

Once you complete the questionnaire, you will be redirected to a page that contains the entire evaluation of your personality quiz, along with other matching profiles based on their answers and their ideal partner. Your profile personality information will be displayed in your account for others to see.

How do you set up your profile?

The profiles contain information about the user’s age, nationality, education, current profession, etc. It is advisable to provide accurate information about your academic degree, the name of your college or university, and any additional courses or training you have completed. This information is especially important for the success of your page, as Elite Singles is primarily a dating app for highly educated and intelligent people. The same goes for your profile photo. It is best not to choose a picture on the beach or at a party. You can download a picture of yourself in a work environment. If you don’t have one, you can also take a selfie in a park, for example, walking your dog. The profile photos are not visible to free members on Elite Singles.com. Only paying members can see the public photo gallery. Users can also search for other singles themselves. They can show their interest in a particular person by liking their page. The free member can also show their interest by sending a smile to the person they want to contact. However, sending messages is not free. The same applies to writing comments. A special feature of the Elite Singles app is that free users cannot be connected to premium members.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

The women that are proposed to you will be displayed on the “Matches” tab. But you won’t be supplied with all your matches in a single day, or even in a month. Rather, you will get just a couple of matches every day. This might be seen as a positive feature since it avoids the top women from being overwhelmed with notifications. Then again, it restricts the number of women you can message a day, meaning you risk having to hold onto your charged subscription for longer than you would like. Also, it is worth clarifying that your “matches” did not “swipe right” or do anything to express their wish to communicate with you. The algorithm has simply identified that you two may be a great match for each other. You may get the option to message other women on the “Have you met yet” tab. These women just barely missed being a match. Once again, you will only get a couple of messages a day. You have no option to search for women manually unless they are suggested in the “Matches” or “Have you met” tabs. But you are able to message these women without any limits.

How do you communicate?

You have many options for initiating a discussion after you have got a list of suitable matches from your personality questionnaire. But the interaction will differ according to your chosen plan.

Basic interactions

When you sign up for the free basic plan, your interaction is just restricted to sending a “wink” to a suitable member’s profile. Free basic subscribers are also able to make a message but need to make an upgrade to be able to reply and chat.

Premium interactions

Premium users are able to like or comment on photos of matches, and receive and respond to messages from Elite Singles. Premium users’ profiles are highlighted and receive preferential treatment in matches, thus boosting the likelihood of meeting a partner.

Have you met yet?

One more option to meet singles is the “Have You Met?” function, resembling the swiping interface of other well-known dating apps. The “Have You Met?” feature puts together potential matches in fast summaries to swipe through. When you are ready to begin a chat with these matches, hit the “Wave” button. When you are not intrigued, just hit the “X” mark.

Does Elite Singles have a mobile app?

You are able to run Elite Singles on desktop and on mobile. It also has an official app for iOS and Android, with the same functions as the desktop one. You can easily browse between the sections, send messages, and look at photos. The look and layout do not vary from the website. Users can also sign up using the app. But some members noted that it is preferable to sign up on the website first if you do not want to experience any difficulties when using the Elite Singles program. The reason is that during registration on the website, you are asked to respond to a number of questions. With the app, this is not the situation. Therefore, some errors may happen afterward.

What does a free membership offer?

Basic membership is a no-cost, commitment-free possibility to test out Elite Singles’ online dating site. It is a perfect chance to check out Elite Singles with minimal functionality before you commit to a full membership. The basic membership is live until you choose to delete your account or step up to the premium level. Elite Singles Basic Membership features, along with other functions, provide you with

  • Access to the personality questionnaire and analysis.
  • Scores from the personality test
  • The possibility to add photos to your account profile
  • Seeing daily dating proposals
  • Receiving messages sent by other members

What does a paid membership offer?

Elite Singles Premium Membership includes the features listed above plus:

  • Limitless messaging with other profiles
  • Option to see all profile photos
  • Mobile app feature
  • Acknowledgment of messages read
  • More in-depth personality profiles
  • “Do you know each other?” List

Although Elite Singles offers memberships per month, you must submit the subscription charges as a single prepayment for the whole period of the subscription.

Security and safety

The website maintains a stringent data protection policy to guarantee the safety of its users. All subscribers have to take a personality test to sign up. The management certifies that it does not provide the personal data of its members to third parties.

Customer support

If users experience issues when using the website or the app, they can always reach out to the Help Center. Usually, the team replies within 24 hours. There is also a “Customer Support” section, providing answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of the website.

Elite Singles.com FAQ

  Is the Elite Singles.com website free?

Yes, the use of the platform is absolutely free of charge. Subscribers have the option to upgrade their membership to Premium anytime for an extra fee.

  How to create a profile on Elite Singles?

The first step is to select the gender for you and your partners, then enter an email address and password. Next, you are asked to complete a set of 200+ questions to reveal 29 “unique personality traits” in order for Elite Singles to find your perfect matches.

  How do Elite Singles credits work?

Payment for Premium Membership is completed online by choosing a Premium plan, selecting your favorite payment method, and then pressing the “Buy” button. Elite Singles takes payments with debit and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX) and PayPal.

  Is Elite Singles safe?

Elite Singles has no fake users or profiles. The singles on this dating site are real people in search of love and Elite Singles removes all profiles that seem to be inactive or fake.

  How can I delete the Elite Singles profile?

Browse to Account from the menu and delete my account. Follow the link to delete: “To delete your profile, please click here”. Pick a reason and click/tap Next. Insert your password and click/tap on Confirm.

  How many members does Elite Singles have?

The site claims that 85% of its four million members in the U.S. have an above-average education. Elite Singles states that it is responsible for a minimum of 1,200 monthly matches from 12.5 million users around the world.

  Can I use Elite Singles anonymously?

No, there is no way to go anonymous on Elite Singles. You have to sign up to Elite Singles for an account and set up a profile to use the site.

  How can I know that the profiles are real?

Elite Singles features a scam recognition tool to verify profiles, however, users are advised to keep precautions in order to prevent online dating scams.

  Is messaging free?

With the Basic Elite Singles subscription, users are able to get messages for free. To send messages, users have to sign up for a paid premium subscription.

  How long does it take to have my profile approved?

All written posts and photos are checked before they are published in a profile. Your updates are normally accepted within 24 hours.

  What can I do to keep my account safe?

Elite Singles places a lot of importance on the online safety of users and the privacy of their personal data. The website uses an online authentication function to verify that profiles and photos are of real people. Moreover, the software is used to make sure that no photos can be copied or downloaded from the website.

Elite Singles is very popular among mature people looking for a steady connection with like-minded people, rather than casual hookups. Overall, Elite Singles maintains a great reputation in the online dating community, due to its quality user base and a high percentage of confirmed love stories.

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