FindBride review
  • Modern and eye-pleasing site design.
  • The FindBride sign-up process is easy to go through.
  • Editing and searching for potential soulmates is free.
  • You can use the Hot or Hotter service without paying a cent.
  • The incoming letter could be read charge-free even by Bronze membership.
  • After completing your profile, you may get 20 bonus credits.
  • The enormous amount of grammatical and spelling mistakes ruin the whole look.
  • There is no official FB app.
  • There is not much you can do without buying a subscription.
  • The prices on this website are pretty high.
  • The platform’s administration doesn’t verify the users’ emails – many fake profiles may appear in the catalog.
  • Female members of the site got paid for the communication. That’s the most crucial drawback of should you pin your hopes on this dating website, or better not? should you pin your hopes on this dating website, or better not? The international dating industry is rapidly developing, notwithstanding all economic crises. It doesn’t lose its popularity throughout the years, and its success rate is off the scale. So, no wonder you turned your attention to this way of finding a life partner too. Although to find a girlfriend online – you need to find a legitimate and reputable provider. The one that offers communication with real singles: not with scammers and fakes. Still, the awareness of what you need alone is not really helpful… How to choose the most trustworthy service? Is it one of the well-known platforms, such as AnastasiaDate or Victoria Dating websites? Or maybe a newcomer on the market instead? Well, the universal solution in this regard could hardly be defined. Obvious is one thing – each site should be checked separately. And today, we are going to give our attention to One might say this provider is not popular among singles worldwide – yes, well – it doesn’t mean anything. The final verdict may be surprising – so keep reading!

First impression

The dating platform FindBride was created in 2009. Does it mean that the site’s design hasn’t somehow changed over the years? Surprisingly, but not. We can confidently state that a certain part of the annual $5 Million revenue was invested in making it look modern. The FB’s logo – just like the color scheme – is definitely eye-pleasing. Although the website slogan is written with mistakes – the general idea of the service is clear. Right on the FindBride homepage, you can find the links to its social networks’ pages. Unfortunately, they haven’t been updated for a while already. But by scrolling through the previously posted photos and videos, you can get an idea of what is expecting you after joining. First impression about FindBride It’s undoubtedly beneficial that you can look through the profiles of the female members of FB before registering. This option helps you not to waste time on the whole signing-up process if there is no one you are interested in communicating with. you can look through the profiles of the female members of FB After seeing how pretty ladies on FindBride are, the doubts about their authenticity arise. Probably that’s why the two main promises of the platform are checked profiles and security protection. Nonetheless, the guarantees are similar to what online dating Victoria Brides has given – we don’t want to sound disappointed in advance. security assurances from FindBride In all sincerity: we need to say that the initial impression the FB site gives is pretty controversial. On the one hand, these guys undoubtedly try hard to seem high-promising and up-to-date service. On the other hand – a huge number of shortcomings and oddities can’t be overlooked. One example of what we mean could be caught in the screenshot we added above. What is the reason for providing four links to the profiles of Russian women and three – to the user pages of Ukrainian singles if they deliver similar results? Well, we genuinely hope that this sloppiness won’t be noticed during further usage…


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

FindBride women: where are they from?

FindBride women: where are they from? The answer to this question was already given in various FindBride reviews. Still, we’ll mention it one more time – just in case you haven’t read any of them yet. According to what the FB site administration says: the majority of its female members come from the former USSR countries. We talk, of course, about Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova. However, Asian and Latina mail-order brides are available in the site catalog. Namely – Colombian and Chinese singles. As you can see, the selection of potential girlfriends is vast.

How do you sign up?

If you want to sign up to FindBride, this won’t be challenging. On the website’s homepage (on the right side of the screen) – you can find the box colored with a purple tint. It is named Register Now. How do you sign up on FindBride Your job, at this point, is to fill all the necessary fields out. As demonstrated in the screenshot, there is not much personal data you need to provide. To be more specific – these are only your first name, age, and gender. It’s not critical to enter your valid email address – no one is going to confirm it later. After that – click the Register button to proceed. In case you have a Facebook or Google account – you can use it to skip the mentioned above steps. FindBride - click the Register button to proceed. And, here you go – you may start editing your profile on FindBride.

How do you set up your profile?

How can you set up your FB profile, then? Well, first and foremost, you need to find the corresponding button. The fact you need to search for it demonstrates that the platform’s interface is not really user-friendly. Okay, we’ll give you a hint – take a closer look at the sidebar on the top of the screen. The small round icon named Photo, when clicked on it, will enable you to do what you want. How do you set up your profile on FB All joking aside, we need to admit that the FindBride questionnaire is pretty short. Especially compared to GoldenBride or Victoria dating websites – they definitely require more details. So, it won’t be a problem for you to completely set up your FB profile and get 20 credits as a bonus. It’s offered to start with the About Me box. There you can write a few words about yourself. Then, you can get to the Personal Details. For instance, you can add your last name, the city you live in, the presence of children, or your desire to have kids one day. The same goes for your date of birth, height, body type, ethnicity, religion, and marital status. Your education, occupation, and the languages you can speak may be mentioned too. You shouldn’t write long texts about your hobbies, in contrast to the description of the woman you are looking for. You can choose from the keywords offered by the site administration. It is an option for every taste: from philosophy to freediving. Also, when editing your profile, you can change the standard password. Make sure you won’t forget it since you need to insert it on the FindBride login page.

Main features

If you open your FindBride account, all main features available to you will be situated on the left side of the screen. Main features FindBride The first service we want to draw your attention to is Hot or hotter. Main features FindBride If you are not a newcomer to international dating, you have already seen similar opportunities for finding potential conversationalists. The principle of how it works is pretty simple. You get a random photo of the FB’s female member and can either press the Heart or the Cross button. The first one – indicates your affection, while the second one has the exact opposite impact. The service is free to use, so it’s highly recommended you test it. The next feature you will definitely use one day is Black Book. use one day is Black Book on FindBride We don’t know why it’s called like that – black is usually associated with the block list. Still, there are formed profiles of your favorite ladies. If you want to know which girls find you attractive, see the Admirers tab. The matches you will get will be placed in the corresponding folder.  If you want to know which girls find you attractive, see the Admirers tab. After a while of communication, it’s pretty apparent you will want to surprise your favorite with nice presents. The complete catalog can be seen when clicking the Gift Shop button. Some options of it are pretty surprising, though. Since you won’t find on the VictoriaBride website the first aid kit – it’s an odd surprise, isn’t it? Also, respiratory face masks don’t seem to be really romantic… And honestly, the full-body depilation certificate kind of gives a hint your woman has too much hair. So, be very careful what you choose. Recognize your girlfriend on FindBride The last of the services that FindBride provides is Media Center. There you may add all sorts of your personal photos and videos. Later, you will be able to use these files as attachments to your letters. Simply said, it’s storage for your private content no one is going to see until you allow that.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

All members on may use the search features for free. The first variation – is the basic one. How do you search and sort the ladies on There you have only a few criteria to sort the ladies. Actually, you solely have the age diapason of potential partners. Additionally could be added the checkbox new, online, private photos, videos at profile, and available for video chat. If you know the ID number of the woman you want to chat with or her nickname – use the corresponding field. In case you don’t think it’s enough to determine the Find-Bride girl who could be your perfect match – hit the More filter options button. criteria to sort the ladies As you can see, there are many filters you may set. They include the appearance details, city, and country your dream-woman lives in, her occupation, education, spoken languages, hobbies, and habits. The girl’s marital status and presence of children could be specified too. Moreover, if you believe in astrology – great. The zodiac sign of the potential girlfriend might be selected either!

How do you communicate?

As soon as the FindBride login page is left behind, you may start communicating with the ladies. But how? Don’t take it as a problem, dear friend – we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Basically – there are two communication options on this website: letters and chat. Let’s examine each of these opportunities separately. How do you communicate on You may get access to your letters by pressing the Mail Box button. After that, you will be redirected to all incoming and outgoing correspondence. Your favorite ones could be marked with the star and transferred to the self-titled folder. This simplifies the whole process because – trust us, you will be getting hundreds of emails from the ladies! hundreds of emails from the ladies on FindBride The Chat Room button helps to begin real-time communication with FB females. On the left side of the screen, you can see the list of the women who are currently online. Each of them could be invited to chat. This service is pretty typical, and the main rules of it don’t differ from, for example, what Victorian Brides offers. But we have one piece of advice for you here – turn off the chat sound – it’s loud and scary. communication with FB females After a while of communication, you and your online girlfriend will probably decide to move your talks outside To do this – you need to get her phone number or email address. The service named Contact Request ought to be ordered at this point. To proceed, you will need only the ID number of your special lady and the demanded amount of money.

Does FindBride have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, while preparing our FindBride review, we weren’t able to find any information about their official app. No one mentioned that it is in development at present either.

What does a free membership offer?

After you have used your FindBride login and password, you don’t need to pay a penny to get the Bronze status. This user status is assigned automatically by the site administration. To change it, you need to become a paid member. But let’s take a closer look at what you may get for free. You can edit your profile and upload photos/videos into your Media Center. Also, the Hot or Hotter service doesn’t involve any charges. All incoming letters are free to open too. And that’s all – to enjoy the rest of the website’s features requires your real-life dollars.

What does a paid membership offer?

The FindBride dating service offers four types of paid membership: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. As you might guess, Silver is the cheapest one, while Diamond costs an arm and a leg. What does a paid membership offer? The difference is in the number of services you get without additional payments. Let’s take the outgoing emails as an example. While members of FindBride with the status Silver get ten free introductions, those with Gold gain twice as much as the previously mentioned subscription plan! The Platinum and Diamond memberships give thirty and forty emails, respectively. Also, it must be mentioned that the price of the services that are not included in the subscription plan differs in line with the membership cost. For example, the Bronze members pay 1 credit per minute of the text chat, while the Platinum client – spends only 0,6 credits per minute. At this point, we probably need to share the prices of the credits packages, so you would be able to calculate your expenses. So, there are seven options here: 25 Credits ($20), 40 Credits ($30), 100 Credits ($70), 200 Credits ($120), 300 Credits ($170), 500 Credits ($250), and 1000 Credits ($470). The tendency is apparent: the larger package you buy – the better discount you get.

Customer support

The dating site FindBride may provide you customer support in two ways. The dating site FindBride may provide you customer support in two ways The first one is Frequently Asked Questions. There all solutions to the issues users might experience are divided into categories. From Account Management to Communication with ladies – check the folders before sending a request to the customer support service. FindBride Customer support Still, if you need personal assistance – get in touch with the FB staff. You, then, ought to submit a request. It’s a bit strange that you can choose the subject only from two options. This could be either I’m having trouble paying or a general issue. After that, you will be asked to specify your device, enter your name, subject, and the issue description. When you are ready – press the Submit button and wait. The reply will definitely take a while.

Security and safety

If a review on the FindBride dating site is not the first article of our authorship you read – you know how seriously we take this aspect. As a rule, we ask you to carefully check the Terms and Conditions since there – are hidden all unpleasant nuances. However, what we are going to say today is absolutely different… But first things first, as soon as you create an account on FB – everything seems perfect. And, to be honest, the initial impression was pretty good. Anyway, a bit later, one of our colleagues has got the contacts of a former staff member of FB. And her confessions were really horrible. Now, we can say with confidence: that the truth about FindBride is ugly. It’s just a fraud: no more and no less. The dark side of this platform is – local representatives pay money to girls for their chats with men! You probably wonder, how do we know it’s not a lie? Well, there are many proofs available for everyone. The first one – when signing up, you can’t do this with a female gender. It means, all ladies belong to some agencies. Then see it yourself – create a new profile without photos and other personal data. And in a few hours you will receive dozens of letters about how beautiful you are and how interesting your profile description is. By the way, in our case it was 279 letters. By the gray icon on the top of the screenshot, you can see that we don’t have a profile picture. FindBride Security and safety If this doesn’t sound convincing enough – offer your favorite girl to chat outside the FindBride. Trust us – no one is going to do this.


Is FindBride free to use?

As we have mentioned in our FindBride review – it is not. There are, of course, some services members without a paid subscription may enjoy. For example, the Hot or hotter one. However, the communication ways then are limited to opening incoming letters from the ladies.

How to create a profile on FindBride?

To create a profile on FindBride, you need only the most basic information. Namely, your first name, age, and gender. The email address you will insert shouldn’t be validated. The password will be created automatically, but you can change it anytime. Although you can simply log in with your Google or Facebook account.

How do FindBride credits work?

Credits are virtual units that enable you to buy the website’s services. It’s a kind of currency of the platform. The way they work is pretty common for international matchmakers. So, due to the fact prices on FindBride are high – we advise you to buy the larger credits packages. This ensures that you get the best discount.

How can I delete my FindBride profile?

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your FB profile yourself. The site administration explains – that this is for security reasons. Don’t ask – we can’t say what they mean. Nevertheless – to deactivate your user account – you must send the corresponding request.

How many members does FindBride have?

If you are a member of FindBride – you are one of the 20000 users registered to this platform. Well, at least, that’s what the owners state. The gender ratio, however, wasn’t mentioned.

Can I use FindBride anonymously?

Yes, we guess it’s possible. First of all – your email address shouldn’t be verified, so you can write everything you like. Secondly, FB members use nicknames. The ladies with the names such as smartBlondDarya or LadyLatte can be found there. Thus, why do you need to share your real name?

Is messaging on FindBride free?

As we have already said, using FindBride will cost you a pretty penny. Especially if you prefer chatting, the final price will be above the average. The only free-of-charge option is opening incoming letters from the ladies – alone, it won’t be practical, though.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Well, as a male member, you don’t need your profile to be approved. You may start communicating with women right after the registration.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

According to the site administration, each FindBride account available in the database is real. You can check their Anti-scam policy to find out how this should work. Still, we don’t think that it makes sense. It doesn’t matter whether the woman from the profile really exists if she gets paid for chats and letters. Don’t you think so?

Is FindBride safe?

All joking aside, we can’t say so. Neither from a technical perspective nor from the communication side. Moreover, if you check the reviews of former members, you can discover many FindBride scam reports.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

As soon as you have joined FindBride – change the automatically created password. Don’t share it with other people since your credit card’s data is connected to your account and may be used by someone else. Also, don’t trust your conversationalists on the site right away. If the behavior of a lady you chat with seems somehow suspicious: you better drop all communication and move on.

The FindBride dating platform appears to be trustworthy at first glance. Although, while testing it, our team has stated that - it is nothing else but a desert mirage. The confessions of the former employee have dotted the i's and crossed the t's. We can see no reason why it's necessary to recommend you join the website where female members don't look for love but earn money. Thus, don't let them fool you!

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