8.0/10 the best place to find your techie match?
  • It’s free to join and set up your gk2gk profile.
  • You can read tips concerning online dating and offline rendezvous on the site.
  • The audience of Geek2Geek is very specific: only nerds.
  • You can only send Flirts for free.
  • There is no geek2geek app: neither for Android nor for iOS.
  • The website’s interface isn’t really user-friendly.
  • It’s pretty challenging to delete your profile and unsubscribe.
  • There is no verification process for gk2gk members. And therefore, many fake profiles.
  • You can only send letters: chatting and arranging video conferences are not allowed there.

Pale skin, thick glasses, messy hair, introverted nature – that’s how women usually imagined nerds just a few years ago. This attitude has, however, changed throughout time. And nowadays, more and more singles want to get acquaintanced with techie guys. The famous online dating platform revealed the result of the latest survey conducted among its members. According to it, computer scientists, software developers, or programmers are now considered the true dream princes! As you can see, we didn’t say a word about the geek-to-geek sort of relationships. Why do ladies in this day and age want computer scientists as partners so bad? Well, because they represent the qualities that all females adore! As a rule, nerds are reliable, caring, and humorous. And while earlier girls only recognized all these benefits at a second glance, today’s lonely hearts notice them immediately. So the words oddball, idiot, or bore cannot be applied anymore. The typical desire of such a man not to be the center of attention doesn’t serve as an obstacle either – his reserved character seems really appealing. The results of another research change everything, though. It is stated there – that 754 geeks out of 1000 prefer starting a relationship with an equally eccentric woman. So, sorry ordinary ladies – you hardly have a chance to win the heart of a true nerd. Are you one of the comic-loving computer freaks? Do you (like the respondents of the above’s research) want to have a girlfriend with the same interests? Various Geek2Geek reviews say you can do this there. But is such a website indeed what you need? All answers can be found in this article.

First impression

It is superb that online dating providers today prefer focusing on a certain group of people. On the Internet could be found the services for mature singles, sugar babies and their sugar daddies, or simply international matchmakers. So, even before writing our gk2gk com review and seeing this website for the first time – everything seemed clear. We have already realized what we are going to be dealing with since its name speaks eloquently of its target audience. Still, for those who didn’t understand that yet – Geek2Geek is the network that connects nerds. When you open this site – from the beginning, you recognize its purpose. It is definitely a place for the eccentric type of singles. The majority of those are too shy to make real-life acquaintances and have an extraordinary interest in sci-fi. The tag line, “Find your geek match!” – aptly describes the platform’s intent. As stated in Geek 2 Geek reviews, it was founded in 2004. Some experts think it became the number one meeting place for Star Wars, Dragon Age, World of Warcraft, Anime, Star Trek, and Cosplay fans. The website’s owners want their brainchild to be the place – where geekiness is the reason to be proud of – unquestionably not to be embarrassed about. This sounds promising, we guess. Also, they don’t want Gk2Gk to turn into Tinder for dorks – with its help – you can build a relationship with long-term prospects. Okay-okay, for now, we are pleasantly surprised. It’s time to join and see the real state of things.


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Geek2Geek members: who are they?

We find it strange that in nerd dating site reviews – analysts often avoid the subject of its members. For them, everything seems to be clear enough (even without talking about it). Our position in this respect slightly differs, as you can see. Although Geek2Geek doesn’t like to disclose the number of men and women who choose its services – experts have estimated the current number of users. According to them, there are around 220000 singles who communicate through this platform daily. Also, they think that approximately 3000 new dorks join gk2gk every month. This is definitely not much – compared to such industry monsters as Tinder or eHarmony. Still, when talking about the niche of techie guys and girls – it doesn’t appear so anymore. Is geek 2 geek legit? Well, sci-fi fans from all over the world are trying to figure it out. They all have different backgrounds, interests, and goals. Still, is there a chance you meet your nerdy partner through this website? The answers to this question on the Web contradict each other. As you can see – meticulously checking everything is unavoidable.

How do you sign up?

Taking into account that you are a techie, giving such basic instructions seems silly. Still, we decided to add such guidelines to this geek2geek review, considering the fact that you might be a newcomer into the nerds’ world. So, how do you join this platform, then? A login form is placed in the middle of the gk2gk’s home page. At its bottom, you can see a big orange button named Join for Free – and that’s what you need. When clicking on it, you will be redirected to the registration form. As you can see from the screenshot, only the most essential information is needed to proceed with signing up. Namely, you will be asked to provide your valid email address and user name. After that – think up a password. Then, more personal information will be needed. To get to know geek singles near you, you must share the city, state, zip/postal code, and the country you live in. When you are ready – click Save & Continue. Your gender, as well as – the gender of your dream partner, come next. It looks like this dating site for nerds is LGBT-friendly – great. Your date of birth must be added at the following step. Just like the age range for a potential soulmate, by the way. If you don’t like the idea, the step with uploading pictures could be skipped. But not the nickname that will be seen by other users. After that, finally, you will be welcomed to Geek2Geek.

How do you set up your profile?

Obviously – after going through all registration steps, your profile is partly set up. The only stage you can skip there is adding photos. However, if you want to edit your user information or give more details – it is possible at any time. You need to choose My Profile (Update Profile) in your account. Setting up the geek-to-geek dating profile is divided into five steps. The first one is called The Basics. At this point, you are mainly allowed to edit the already provided personal details. Except for your and your dream girl’s height – all information remains the same. The second stage is named: What you’re like. It includes facts about your and your potential girlfriend’s ethnicity, level of education, current relationship status, the presence of children, religion, and political views. In the third step, you have an opportunity to Sell yourself. Is there a dating site for nerds who would be more creative with the titles than Geek2Geek? There, you have empty fields to insert a kind of self-description or other fun facts about your life. It’s the best way to make potential matches interesting to get to know you better. The fourth step is the most curious one. It suggests you explain what makes you a geek. This concerns your favorite things to do, the dream date scenario, etc. What do you look like? At the last, fifth stage, you are offered to upload the profile pictures. And, it’s hard to argue that even among dorks – appearance is important.

Main features

As already stated in various Geek to Geek dating reviews, this website doesn’t really have absolutely unique features. Let’s, however, take a closer look at what these guys offer. The first one is Matches & Favorites. If you have correctly filled out your profile, this step alone is enough to determine the matching you nerds. The suggestions are based on what you and your potential conversationalists have shared. In case among the ladies, Gk2Gk recommends you is someone you are interested in – you can add this person to your Favorites, clicking on the corresponding button. Even as a non-paid member, you can use the Flirt service. Just like it’s shown on the screenshot, you merely need to choose from the drop-down list the message you like most. The texts are different: from simple greetings to apologies that you want to stop the communication. The latter, however, can hardly be called coquetry… There is a Resources section in the user menu. The tips placed there will be helpful for those who don’t have much experience in matters of romance. It includes, for instance, first date tips and online safety advice. We find it good and insist that all dating sites for nerds give some recommendations for their users free of charge.

Does Geek 2 Geek have a mobile app?

We think it’s something abnormal, but the website for techie men and women doesn’t have it. Yes, you understood right: there is no Geek to Geek app. Neither the users of Android nor iOS devices can freely communicate from their cell phones on the platform. Thus, you will need to always have your laptop with you, no matter where you go, if you want to stay in touch with your favorite chicks.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

As we have already mentioned in our Geek to Geek dating site review, you might not need to use the search at all. Basically, if you make everything right – your ideal matches could be automatically suggested by the platform’s system. Although – when you are unhappy with what the gk2gk administration offers, you can always start looking for more opportunities. To start searching for the woman of your dreams – select Find Matches in your user menu. The Geek2Geek administration hints you begin with the basic Search version. You can set such filters as the potential partner’s gender, age, and location. If you like details – advanced search suits you much better. With its help, you can find a girl with a certain ethnicity, education level, present relationship status, presence of children, religious beliefs, and political views. You can also make the system show you members – only with photos.

How do you communicate?

When you think of the typical dating websites for nerds, we bet you assume it has plenty of options. How else could it be at the platforms created for techies, right? If you have the same opinion – we have bad news for you. The Geek2Geek platform has, in fact, only one communication service. Here it is: Yes, these are boring emails, just like you write at work. Even sadder, this way of staying in touch makes the fact – you can’t attach a photo or a video to it. The question is: does it make sense to pay for such a service when you can get the same from Google or Yahoo absolutely free of charge?

What does a free membership offer?

When writing this Geek 2 Geek dating review, we couldn’t fail to pay attention to the subject of the free and paid services this site offers. Above all, we want to analyze – whether it’s possible to find your nerdy love without paying a cent. So, after testing gk2gk, we can say with confidence – you can’t really get to know someone while remaining a non-paid member. The reason for it – the only communication option won’t be available to you. However, there is still something you can do since the membership itself costs nothing. For instance, you can edit your profile, upload photos, and search for potential soulmates. The same goes for sending Flirts (notes with certain templates).

What does a paid membership offer?

Okay, let’s figure out what this geeks’ dating site offers for those ready to pay for the subscription. As you can see from the screenshot, except for the free one, there are two more levels: silver and gold. The silver one enables you to send messages to all members regardless of their level. As well as reply to what your favorite techies send you. And, actually, that’s all. The one-month subscription costs, then – $34,99, three-months plan – $69,99, and the six-months alternative – $119,99. What about the gold one? In addition to all mentioned above services, by buying it, you can also receive flirt letters from free members. Also, your profile will be displayed first on match searches. How much does it cost, you ask? The one-month subscription plan is priced at $42,99, the three-months option – is $79,99, while the six-month variant – $149,99. It could be automatically renewed – so be careful, and don’t forget to cancel if you don’t need the subscription anymore.

Security and safety

Let’s start with the good things of Gk2Gk regarding the safety and security of the users. We could state during testing that these guys use SSL and firewalls to protect the clients’ personal data. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch what you write… It is, in fact, crucial to be careful with the members of this dating platform. Have you ever googled “Geek2Geek Reddit”? Don’t worry if you haven’t – we’ve done it for you. Spoiler: there are too many scam stories in the results. Without a doubt, it is provoked by the lack of verification for new members. This nuance, in return, represents an ideal opportunity for scammers and fraudsters to do their job. And, as a dork, you probably know that it’s hard to find and ban fake users without a special tool. So, long story short, on – you can create your profile faster (even without the email address confirmation). But, at the same time, this work principle doesn’t allow us to call the website safe and reputable.

Customer support

Okay, let’s imagine you are a member of this site and have questions. How can you get the answers? The first and the most obvious option in such a case is to check its FAQ section. There are plenty of topics highlighted there, so your problem might be solved immediately. If not, or you, for example, want to report a Geek2Geek scam – use the Contact Us page. We, personally, don’t like forms like this one. It’s just too many fields there. So filling them out will surely take time. In our opinion, only the boxes with your name, the subject of the message, and the description of the issue you experience need to be there, though. Dating site FAQ

Is Geek 2 Geek dating site free to use?

As mentioned before, you can’t find your love through this site without buying a subscription. For sure, there are some free-of-charge services that you can use right after the registration. For example, Flirts. Still, texting with template messages doesn’t promise success.

How to create a profile on Geek 2 Geek?

The full instructions in this respect were given in our Geek to Geek review. Please, check it for more information. The only thing we want to mention here is – it will take a while. There are a lot of steps to complete and data to provide, and only the one with photos can be skipped for later. Keep it in mind when deciding to join.

How do Geek2Geek credits work?

We have read it in other Geek to Geek reviews and can confirm the information from our own experience. You don’t need to buy credits to use the site’s services. Instead, it is suggested you purchase a subscription for one, three, or six months for real-life money. The prices can be found in our article.

Is Geek2Geek safe?

Unfortunately, after analyzing the work’s principles of gk2gk – we can’t say this website is safe. The administration doesn’t verify the users’ identities. Moreover, they are not even asked to validate the email address! For this reason, fraudsters don’t get any obstacles in the way of their illegal activities.

How can I delete my Geek2Geek profile?

You can’t do it by yourself. The options available in the account settings allow you to hide your profile, but nothing more. If you are serious about canceling your membership – get in touch with the site administration through the Contact Us form.

How many members does Geek 2 Geek have?

Officially, there are around 220000 single male and female geeks searching for love through this website. The majority of them come from the USA, though. European nerds need to look for other alternatives.

Can I use Geek 2 Geek anonymously?

The Geek to Geek dating site suggests a few options that help members remain anonymous. Firstly, you can use a nickname instead of your real name. And who could be more nameless than Star Wars King 9988? Secondly, you can hide your profile from other nerds and secretly communicate with your favorites.

How can I know that the gk2gk profiles are real?

Unfortunately, just like the site administration, you can’t know its profiles are real. We have already told you that there is no verification process, remember? Anyway, when taking into account that geek 2 geek scam reports and similar complaints are easy to find – you should be very careful there.

Is gk2gk messaging free?

We have already noted in our Geek 2 Geek review that to be able to communicate with other members – you need to buy a subscription. Free of charge are merely Flirts.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

If you expect an exact number, like one hour or ten minutes – sorry. You shouldn’t confirm your email address or provide any other similar data to prove you are who you are. This geeks’ dating website doesn’t approve any profiles – so easy it is.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

Initially, we need to give the answer to the question: is geek to geek legit? Yes, it is. On the other hand, there are many pitfalls to using it – for example, the number of fake profiles. So, the best thing you can do to keep your profile safe is to be careful with your messages. Watch what you write and whom – it’s important. And, if someone starts asking you suspicious things – report this person immediately.

Oh well, it was a really long text! Aren't you tired from reading yet? We bet you are a little or just can't wait to play another round of your favorite PS5 game. There is no need to hold you here since the final verdict is apparent. Is this platform one of the best geek dating sites? Perhaps: the niche is too small. But is it to say you must join it? We would say - no. There are plenty of services on the Internet which offer a much higher level of security and more communication opportunities. So, in our opinion, it's not good to limit yourself to this nerdy alternative...

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