LadaDate review
  • Quick registration to LadaDate dating site.
  • It doesn’t take much time to set up your profile.
  • The pleasant color scheme of the website.
  • Female members are mostly very good-looking.
  • Not all services that LadaDate provides require money. For example, you can send Likes to the ladies for free.
  • There is no LadaDate app.
  • Customer support service doesn’t reply promptly enough.
  • The prices that LadaDate offers are pretty high. For example, video chat costs three credits per minute.
  • Site administration can change the Terms of Use without notifying customers.
  • LD women send fishy chat requests to strangers.
  • You are responsible for your safety – not the website. Can you trust this site?

What do you know about the dating platform LadaDate? We, personally, haven’t heard about this service until several of our customers asked to test it. It was pretty surprising to hear that this website, with the head office in the small Ukrainian town Kremenchuk, is not a new player on the dating market. In fact, has been working for more than nine years! So, without any doubt, we decided that this provider deserves our attention and a comprehensive review as a result. Our team has examined all features of LD and is now ready to share our unbiased opinion in this regard. Make yourself a cup of warm winter cocoa: it’s going to be interesting!

First impression

We want to start our LadaDate dating service review with the initial impression it makes. So, what do you see when you open the LD homepage for the first time? We tested the website during the winter holidays, so its design was changed according to events. Still, we need to admit — the lady with a Santa Claus hat who represents the platform doesn’t look natural. It is no secret that modern beauty trends are far from fake lashes and too much makeup. Does it illustrate the general attitude of the LadaDate owners? Well, we’ll have a chance to figure it out. The next point concerning LD design we like to discuss is — its color scheme. We, personally, enjoy the shade of blue they use. It is not as aggressive as red (the color that Amo Latina offers). And, at the same time, it encourages potential users to spend more time online. The website’s motto, “Don’t stay alone…” fits its general positioning. The matter that definitely needs to be modified is the LadaDate’s logo. In our opinion, it’s rather confusing and would be more suitable for a messenger. If you scroll the home page a little down – you see the pictures of random female site members. Clicking on each – you will be redirected to the lady’s profile. You can read everything she has written there without signing in. Still, if you want to look through the photos of this LadaDate woman – you will have to register to the platform. Below the pictures of the single girls is placed the advertising part of the LD home page. According to it, this agency has brought together more than one hundred international couples. Is this number impressive? Well, due to the fact it has been working for more than nine years – it is not. Also, promises that all women’s profiles are verified. And this is a benefit, for sure. After this section is placed a huge text about Slavic brides. To be absolutely honest – we were bored to read it till the end. Wouldn’t it be wiser to put such an article into a Blog? Apropos Blog – we find it really good. There is plenty of cool stuff there – read it if you have time.

LadaDate women: where are they from?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the exact number of active users on this platform: neither in LadaDate dating reviews nor in official information provided by the service’s representatives. Therefore, we won’t make any assumptions in this regard. But what about the ladies’ nationalities? Where do LD women come from? The home page of this site might give the impression that its female members are solely Slavic mail-order brides. It is not really so, though. For sure – there are mainly girls from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine there. But also singles from other Eastern-European countries, such as Moldova. Over the last few years, Asians were added to the catalog too.

How do you sign up?

If you want to sign up to LadaDate, you need to fill the short registration form that consists only of two fields – your email and password. It is also required to agree with the Terms and Privacy Policy. Or, you can simply log in with your Facebook or Google account. As soon as the initial stage is completed, you will be redirected to the next one. There you need to enter your name and date of birth. And, it seems that you don’t need to do anything extra to become a member of LadaDate. Except for confirming your email address, of course. After that step, you can start editing your profile.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

How do you set up your profile?

All LadaDate dating site reviews we have found on the Internet say that setting up a profile on this site is pretty uncomplicated. Let’s check if it is right! On the left side of the screen, you can see the section to upload pictures. Site administration advises having at least one in your profile to get more attention from the ladies. Just below it, there is a percentage of how well-filled your user page is. On the right side of the screen, there are fields where you can add all necessary personal information. This includes the country and city you live in, your marital status, occupation, education, religion, ethnicity, and the presence of children. At the same time, you can tell a bit more about your appearance. Namely, your height, weight, body type, eyes, and hair color. If you want to make LadaDate brides even more interested in you – there are a few more fields below. You can write small texts about yourself and your hobbies. For sure, it is better to share your expectations about the potential partner either. Don’t forget to indicate the desired age of your dream girlfriend.

Main features

When you are ready with setting up your profile – it’s time to look around and see what LadaDate features are. There are four buttons on the top of the screen near the LadaDate website logo. The first one redirects you to the online chat. Above it, highlighted with the red, is placed how many active invitations you at the moment have. The Brides button gives you access to profiles of the ladies. There are also additional categories in it: such as Russian, Ukrainian, Asian mail-order brides. Just like senior, Christian, Catholic, and Muslim singles. We find it pretty useful since you can, in one click, get the profiles of LD female members who match your expectations most. The following button – Services – gives users detailed information about the site services. And, the last one – Blog – offers to read plenty of articles about dating and relationships. There are two more icons on the top right side of the screen. The bell-shaped one redirects to the communication with customer support service. The other one (with your picture) gives access to additional features, such as settings and an info center. On the sidebar on the left side of the screen are placed all communication opportunities available for the site members. Namely, letters, of course – more information about them you can find in the corresponding section of our review on the LadaDate dating site. There is one more LD feature that deserves our intention – Likes. These are small signs of attraction that indicate someone is interested in you. If the fondness is mutual – you can send your Like to a girl in return. Dating site LadaDate, like many other international marriage agencies, delivers gifts. The prices are not really cheap, but you will be able to find almost everything a woman enjoys. Starting with tasty presents, continuing with cell phones and jewelry – a rich selection of pleasant surprises to special ones.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

Like it was written in LadaDate reviews, there is no search button on the site. In fact, an effort should be made to find it. So, if LD representatives are reading this article now, we highly recommend making a separate button for it. Okay, how do you find it for now? You need to click either on the Brides (top of the screen) or Ladies (sidebar on the left) button. Then, above random women’s profiles – you can see a pretty unnoticeable LadaDate search button. Push it to open the basic interpretation of it. There are only search by ID, age, and online/offline. For those who want more criteria – an advanced search is available too. Using it, you can filter female members of the LadaDate by many additional matters. This includes the level of English, height, weight, eyes color, body type, hair color, presence of children, religion, marital status, attitude towards smoking, and drinking. If it all seems too much to you – simply click on the Set to Default button and see what the website’s algorithms suggest you.

How do you communicate?

At this point in our LadaDate’s review of the website, we want to talk about communication ways on the platform. Since exactly on these services depends your success with foreign girls. The first feature we like to focus on is LadaDate messaging. It works just like any email, though. You have four folders (Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts, Trash). What we find relatively inconvenient is the letters are not made in the dialogue format. It is no secret, you will be communicating with a few ladies at the same time – at the beginning of your search, at least. So isn’t it better to group the emails with one person? We hope it will be fine-tuned one day. The next communication opportunity is live chat. Basically, it works like many other chat platforms without any particularities. There, you can have both text and video conversations with LadaDate women. It is also possible to make a list of your favorites to see which of them is online at the moment. However, to be absolutely honest – we are not sure ladies there use chat for serious talks. The invitations they send are far from innocent – one of them you can see on the screenshot above.

Does LadaDate have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, if you want to use LadaDate to connect with women – don’t hope to do it on the go. You will definitely need your laptop since this website doesn’t have an official app – neither for iOS nor for Android.

What does a free membership offer?

Our LadaDate site review wouldn’t be comprehensive without highlighting how much money the platform requires. Let’s, as usual, start with the free services. Is it possible to use LD without paying a penny? No, not really… You can create and set up your profile without any financial obligations – just like looking through profiles of LadaDate girls. The Likes you and ladies send are also free. Incoming letters won’t be seen in your expenses history as well. And that’s actually all that you get as a non-paid member. If you want something more than just watching other people fall in love – get your credit card ready.

What does a paid membership offer?

As soon as the LadaDate login page is left behind, becoming a paid member is unavoidable (if you are serious in your intention concerning foreign ladies, of course). The Credit button is pretty easy to find, especially compared with Search. It is placed in the sidebar on the left side of the screen and highlighted with light blue. There you can see your current balance and can buy more of the website’s virtual currency. It is nice you have plenty of payment methods available – even Bitcoins are accepted by the LadaDate online dating site! You can buy credits in packages. The bigger amount you choose – the better discount you get. For example, for the 750 credits package, you pay 35% minus the original price. It is also a special offer for the smallest amount of credits – a great chance to try things out. The prices on LadaDate are clear now. Let’s figure out how much each service will cost. The letter you send to a girl is priced at 7 credits each. Viewing your favorite woman’s video clip – 10 credits. Chat is going to be really expensive. For text messages only – you pay 1 credit per minute. If your conversationalist turns her camera on – 1 extra credit will be deducted from your account balance. If you want to turn your camera on either – it costs one more additional credit. So, using LadaDate’s chat with video streaming from both sides will have pretty high expenses – 3 credits per minute. Also, you can simply buy a girl’s contact info for 25 credits. Still, she can deny your request – therefore, don’t rush with this step.

Customer support

Each dating site review we write includes our opinion about the platform’s customer support service. This one is no exception. We won’t lie – our team is not happy with this aspect of LD work. But first things first – let us tell you how you can connect with the website’s representatives. To write a letter to a customer care department – you need to click on the bell icon (top right side of the screen). Then, you will be redirected to the form that needs to be filled. You can choose why you send this request, write the subject and the message itself. But don’t expect to get a reply soon. As mentioned in another review – it will take more than 24 hours. Due to the fact, you don’t have a hot-line to call due to an urgent issue – it’s too long. Modern providers definitely need to work faster.

Security and safety

If you create a profile on LadaDate – safety and security must be examined above all. What have we found in this regard, then? If you have read other reviews on our site, you probably know our general tip. We advise all users of dating platforms to carefully read the Terms of Use agreement before registering. So, what have we found on LD? First of all, the administration of the website has a right to change everything they like in terms and conditions without notifying its users. It is, therefore, advisable to reread it from time to time, to make sure you still agree with all points. Also, the LD can deactivate your account if you don’t use it for six months. In this case, however, you will lose all credits available on your balance. So be careful with this point too. What about your personal data protection? It’s strange, but LadaDate recommends you take care of this part. Since, as mentioned in Terms of Use – it is your sole responsibility. We find it irresponsible because the site services are not free, so it must be their job. By the way, they will help you only in case an inconvenience was caused by their team member. Simply said, if a lady you communicate with turns out to be a scammer – LD won’t do anything for you. The point of agreement 7.3 says: LD bears no responsibility – if the services they provide are insufficient. Does it make a general impression somehow better? No, not really. Accompanied with the messages with sexual content to strangers – the truth about LadaDate is not so pleasant. If you wanted to use this platform to find your future wife – think twice since it is more about online fun.

LadaDate dating site FAQ

Is LadaDate free to use?

Like we said in our LadaDate’s review, this website is not free. For sure, certain features don’t require paid membership. For example, membership itself, setting up your profile, sending Likes to ladies, and reading incoming letters from them.

How do credits on LadaDate work?

Credits are the virtual LD currency. You need to buy them for real-life money to be able to use the platform’s services. Basically, the way credits work is pretty standard. The larger package you buy – the better discount you get. When taking into account that LadaDate’s communication tools are not cheap – it makes sense to choose the biggest one.

How to create a profile on LadaDate?

Members on may create and set up their profiles for free. Initially, you need only the most basic information about yourself: age and name. Later – you can complete it with many more personal facts. The administration suggests completing your dating profile – since that’s how you can get more attention from the ladies. The exact percentage of how filled your user page is – is put below the avatar photo.

How can I delete my LadaDate profile?

All LadaDate profiles couldn’t be deleted without permission of the site administration. So if you feel you don’t need it anymore – send a corresponding request to the customer support service. Also, there is another option here. If you don’t use your profile for six months – it will be deactivated automatically. With the rest of the available credits, though.

How many members does LadaDate have?

We couldn’t find anything about how many users this site has. Neither when you visit LadaDate, nor on any other portals. Our assumption, however, is clear – there are not many female members on the site, especially compared to the pioneers of the market.

Is messaging on LadaDate free?

We have written all details about LadaDate pricing in our review. And, unfortunately, messaging is not free there. Rather the opposite – LD is one of the most expensive platforms in this regard.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

As soon as you have joined LadaDate, you will be asked to confirm your email address to finish the registration. It doesn’t take long – just a few seconds. After that, your profile could be considered approved.

Can I use LadaDate anonymously?

If you read the LadaDate dating website Terms of Use – you can find requirements in this respect. So, officially, you are not allowed to use a fake name there. On the other hand – they don’t check the identities of male members, so no one will know if you use a nickname.

Is LadaDate safe?

As stated in our LadaDate review – we don’t think this website is safe. These guys don’t take responsibility for what happens there and don’t want to do anything if you find their services insufficient. We, personally, don’t like their approach since it is highly irresponsible. What do you pay for, then?

How can I know that LD profiles are real?

We have found nothing about it in the Terms of Use – and it is alarming. So, the only thing you can do is trust the website. But when bearing in mind all LadaDate scam reports – you need to be careful. We want to mention once again, the texts of the chat invitations of the women on LD are strange. We can’t believe girls with serious intentions like to talk about sex with strangers. This kind of behavior is rather typical for fraudsters…

What can I do to keep my account safe?

Good tips in this regard are placed in Terms of Use. You definitely need to log out from your account when you finish chats. Unknown Internet connections should be avoided. You need to ensure no one else has access to your user page. Also, even if it’s true and LadaDate ladies are looking for love – be careful with what you write about yourself. Too personal information, such as your address, shouldn’t be told to strangers on the Internet.

It is time to make the final conclusion and answer our traditional question. So, is LadaDate worth it? We, unfortunately, can't say yes at this point. We find, nowadays, international dating agencies take their money mostly for the high level of security for their users. This, as it turned out, is not the philosophy...

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