8.3/10 review
  • Self-proclaimed #1 in dating and relationships with years of experience in the industry
  • Keeps the dating process from being too difficult
  • People can view all photos of matches before buying a premium subscription
  • Decent size of the member base based on our research
  • There are advertisements on profiles and in the overall user interface
  • A lot of functions need an extra investment on top of the subscription fee
  • Profiles can look rather basic or empty and don’t have much info on them
  • Multiple reviews of software bugs and malfunctions


The match is a dating site that was around from the start and was probably the very first dating site. The site started in 1995, long before Tinder came to grace our smartphones. Since then Match developed along with online dating itself, boasting a simple-to-use website and mobile app offering one-of-a-kind functions and a complete profile that aims to produce in-depth bonds. review

First Impression

People familiar with Match back in the early days perhaps know it through the desktop edition, however, the service has succeeded in jumping into the modern age with an iPhone app and an Android app.

Founded in 1995, Match has served thousands of singles in their search for love and friendship. This dating site is a smart option for everyone of all ages, from Millennials, GenZ, and up.

They have continually upgraded their app and website to suit the younger members, adding fun functions to keep the entire experience more pleasant, like adding daily matches to make things thrilling.

Once you register, you’ll need to answer a survey that will help identify potential matches for you to avoid going through countless profiles on your own.

Match also features a unique matching filter feature that enables you to pick someone according to specific criteria, like appearance, personality, interests, etc.

First Impression

match com Women – Where are they from?

Match serves both young singles searching for a laid-back relationship and singles who are looking to get settled.

But when it has to do with real figures, Match proudly claims over 21.5 million active users on its platform.

Over half of’s online members are located in the United States, and the sex ratio is exceptionally well-balanced. It also has a decent proportion in every age group, which makes the site diverse for all age groups. members provide their relationship status in their profile reviews – if they have ever been married, are living apart, or are divorced. There is no option for those currently in a relationship since match com website encourages no third-party hookups. Most are seeking serious, steady relationships. The online traffic of members is strong and they respond swiftly to messages directed to them.

match com Women - Where are they from?

Match members are from all 50 states and across 60 countries. The demographic breakdown of ethnicities:

  • Asian – 4%
  • African American – 9%
  • Caucasian (white) – 77%
  • Hispanic/Latino – 9%
  • Other – 1%

Main Features features these unique functions available for its community to enjoy. They can be reached with ease when you sign in to your account and enter your login details. But most of these extra functions need a membership subscription.


This is the most recent and up-to-date function of Match. It allows users to specify their favorite dating style along with all the specifics and their likes. This feature was launched during the period of Covid 19 pandemic. It aims to keep the users protected and save them from the virus when dating. Dress codes and favorite meeting spots are all covered by this function.

Real conversation

Certain people are not good at finding great topics to talk about. Thanks to this function, there are plenty of proposed discussion subjects and icebreakers available for them to use.


“Boost” is a dedicated extra feature of Match Dating that is liked by a lot of people. If you use this feature, your profile will be shown as a top recommendation in “Matches” and “Discover” for an hour.

Reverse Matches

“Reverse Matches” is a listing of people you are incompatible with. You can look through the “Reverse Matches” list and arrange to meet and interact with them if you like.

Vibe Check

Vibe Check

Vibe Check, an in-app video chat option from Match, lets members interact on a face-to-face basis. To verify that both members are willing to do this, Vibe Check is only available if the members have previously met and talked to each other. A black video symbol pops up at the foot of messages; when pressed, a request is made to the partner. A match user can decide to follow a Vibe Check invitation or not.

Video date

This function helps you to meet your match partners in a more entertaining and familiar way. You can speak with them using the platform’s video call option.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

“Found by us” function

Using this matching function, members get one match per week on the basis of their replies to a set of serious questions regarding their dating and life ambitions. This function is focused on identifying reasonable matches and appointments to prevent ghosting cases between paired members.

How do you sign up?

How do you sign up?

Registration for an online account with the dating platform match com dating lasts only a couple of minutes of your time. All you have to provide is your email address, date of birth, country, state, gender, and sexual orientation. When signing up, gays get preferential treatment.

As soon as you enter a username and password for your website’s submission details, you get forwarded to the online creator automatically.

The online generator is a brief, gradual way of filling out your page with the corresponding information on the website. This info might contain your height, build, relationship, and any other private details and preferences.

You are also prompted to create a brief "About Me"

You are also prompted to create a brief “About Me” essay, not to exceed 100 characters long. You will have to post a photo upload next. While there is no photo verification, it is needed that you upload a decent picture to the website.

When the registration is done, you no longer have to verify your email address with, but you can log in straight away with your credentials. You can comfortably use the online pages and the app to look for a match anytime.

How do you setup your profile

How do you setup your profile

If you would like to share more about yourself with Match, they have a “Topic” area where you can fill in personality characteristics and add anecdotes. It’s a useful way to discover more about yourself with no need to complete a detailed essay. Topics might include your wish list, recent passions, and your wildest travel stories. Recent topics lend a sense of current relevance to your potential conversation partners. You can show up to three topics in your profile. The writing prompts contain samples, but feel free to put anything you’d like in the field.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

Plus, you can include more photos, check out who’s looked at you, and learn about any members-only events (for a fee, obviously), like Escape Rooms, speed dating, or even cruises and ski trips. These are events that anyone would love to come back to as soon as they’re safely together again.

As soon as your profile is completed, you can see who is out there.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

Start Search

This is the most common way to search on Match. It gives you the most control over who you search for, but it is also the one that requires the most work to be efficient.

Mutual Match

Mutual Matching sorts people for you based on how many characteristics they have that you are looking for, and how many characteristics they have that you are looking for. You can also click the “Sort by…” box to sort the list by these criteria:

  • The number of properties you both share that the other would like.
  • When they last logged in
  • How long they have been using match com
  • Their age (from youngest to oldest)
  • How many photos does he/she have on his/her account?

Reverse Match

Reverse Match

Reverse search searches and picks out people for you strictly according to the number of features you are interested in. You may click the “Sort by…” button to arrange the list according to this:

  • The number of features you have they are searching for
  • When they logged in the last
  • How long they have been using Match
  • Their age (from youngest to oldest)
  • The number of pictures in their account
  • Their username (for example, an alphabetical list)

Community Search

Community Search

This is a more uncommon way of searching that pairs you with people who match based on several brands or organizations you both like.

How do you communicate?

How do you communicate?

Not in the mood to wait for a reply to an email? Connect now by chatting with somebody who is currently online!

The best way to find somebody to talk to is to press Chat in the top right corner of the screen.

A new sidebar will then pop up showing you who is online to chat near you. Move your mouse pointer over the picture of the person you would like to have a chat with to reveal a pop-up window with more details about them, and then press Chat Now to launch the chat window.

Once a person who shows up in a search you have done is available to talk, it will be displayed in the thumbnail of their profile.



Are you a shy guy? Simply don’t know the proper manner in which to appeal to the person you like? Maybe you simply prefer the person to be the leader? Go for a “wink” to let them know you’re really into them without saying a single word! The best part is that you don’t even have to have a paid subscription to do this!

Anytime you’re viewing someone’s brief profile or full profile, simply click wink for free. That is all it takes!

Does match com have a mobile app?

Does match com have a mobile app?

Match has an app for iOS and Android, making it accessible to a large number of users. The app is also free and lightweight, so it doesn’t take up much space on your phone.

While the app has the same features as the website, it is easier to use and can be very helpful for users who are on the go. In addition, features like Match Phone work are easier to use through the app. The app is also user-friendly and makes it easy for users to start conversations or navigate through your account no matter where they are. All the contacting features are located at the bottom of the screen in icon tabs and action buttons in the user profiles, making it less cumbersome for you to contact them.

What does a free membership offer?

Match allows members looking to try the waters or get a sense of the site to be able to do so by giving them a free membership. The free membership enables members of the match com to register and even set up profiles, although they are restricted in their options. As they can build profiles, they also may view other users’ accounts for free and take part in matchmaking games. To guarantee that they learn the effectiveness of the dating site, they get SingledOut matches. In order to contact other users, though, you must become a paid user.

What does a paid membership offer?

What does a paid membership offer?

With a charged membership you activate all features and functions provided by

  • Instant Messenger
  • Check who has viewed your profile
  • Discreet profile viewing
  • Email/call notifications (premium members) See daily match recommendations for users
  • MatchPhone

Security and safety

Security and safety

Yes, is secure for online dating. The service performs background verifications to screen out those who are not supposed to use its services. As long as you are mindful not to reveal too much information and don’t meet anyone face-to-face whom you don’t trust, everything will be okay.

Customer support

Customer support

Customer service was an additional positive in our test. While the choices were limited, the available choices were quite nice. They also had a very in-depth FAQ section that you can search through to learn a ton of useful info. Seems like they spent a lot of time or money to get someone to post replies to any question given under the sun, what’s awesome really.

In terms of direct contact, live chat is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST).

Pros and cons


Is the match com free?

With the free basic membership, you can view who’s out there, get daily matches, message a pack of customized picks, as well as send Likes (by clicking a heart on a profile).

How to create a profile on match com?

The entire registration process at lasts no longer than five minutes. To start with, you have to provide some simple details to manage your profile. It is quite literally only your email address, password, and birthday.

How do match com credits work?

There are three basic categories of paid subscriptions: Premium, Standard, and Boost. The Premium and Standard plans are available for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months, while the Boost is used to enhance visibility for a specific time. The plans renew automatically if not canceled and they can be paid either by credit card or PayPal.

Is the match com safe?

Similar to others, Match requires all members to be mindful of their use of the site and app. Other users may have the intent to hurt or cheat, and it is 100% the user’s responsibility to identify them and take measures.

How can I delete the match com profile?

If you are on a free subscription or already deactivated the auto-renewal of a paid subscription, you may cancel your subscription by accessing your account settings and selecting Manage Subscription. Your profile and pictures will then be disabled for other members. If you decide to do so, you can always reactivate your Match account.

How many members does match com have?

  • 20 million active members
  • Over 60,000 new people sign up to match com daily
  • Over 100 million people have registered with since 2000

Can I use match com anonymously?

Visit the Match website. At the top of the page, choose the “Member Login” link. Do not sign in. Click on the “Search” tab found at the top of the page. Choose “Start Search.”

How can I know that the profiles are real?

Lots of fake accounts use pictures of models they found on the Internet as profile pictures. Since the fake account owners are not using their own pictures, the quantity of the photos is also restricted. You can also identify fake accounts based on the messages they send.

Is messaging free?

The site allows free members to message their top picks – the highest matching profiles online.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

This may last up to 1 hour in some cases. You get an email when your profile is checked and approved.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

Don’t reveal info in your profile that could easily identify you in real life, and don’t share such information too soon when interacting with other members. Don’t schedule a personal meeting unless you’re willing to do so, and be sure that your first date is in a public place. Stick around on the site while you meet other singles. Bad-intentioned users will often try to move the conversation to text, apps, email, or phone. is quite the perfect website for anyone who is searching for a serious relationship. Its excellent functions make it an amazing and efficient dating site to search for matches. The huge user base and flexible matching/profile display system make certain that you receive just what you want. Also, you are confident that the match com offers you your money's worth. If you can't find a partner, the Match Guarantee offers you one more opportunity - for free. To sum it up: Everything you are searching for, you will get at match com online dating site, this is guaranteed by the multiple features and the numerous match reviews.

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