RomanceCompass Review

  • You can register on RC quickly and stress-free.
  • If you complete your user profile, upload a photo, and confirm your email address – you will get 20 free credits.
  • There are free interesting articles in the website’s Blog.
  • RomanceCompass offers certain services for free. For example, open incoming letters from the ladies.
  • The most detailed advanced search we have ever seen.
  • Out-of-date site design.
  • Services that RomanceCompass provides are pretty expensive, especially video chat.
  • No FAQ section or customer support hotline on the site.
  • RC women are annoying – you get thousands of chat invitations per minute. Even if you delete a photo from your profile, by the way.
  • There are many doubts concerning the safety of the site usage.
  • We couldn’t find information that ladies’ profiles are verified. Moreover, the site administration is not responsible for their actions.


RomanceCompass: is it really the address of your happiness?

RomanceCompass website was released on the international dating market in far 2011. Notwithstanding that this platform has been performing its services for more than ten years, the success stories of its former customers could hardly be found… Does it mean RC merely manages to survive under mounting pressure from more productive competitors? Or, is the reality rather the opposite: and this provider is actually the best one nowadays? That is what we practically want to figure out together. So, dear reader, let’s check if RomanceCompass is really worth your time and money.

First impression

We want to start our RomanceCompass site review with the initial reaction on its homepage. So, what do all potential platform users see when they come across it on the Internet? It is probably our favorite subject, but we sincerely wonder why many international dating market players don’t invest money in design? This is no secret people prefer pleasant-to-eye and user-friendly interfaces (when choosing a website for communication and love search). But unfortunately, RC doesn’t seem to care about these nuances… At first glance, it looks like the site was created in the early 1990s – so out of date, it is. The background image is excessive, and later, if you scroll the page down, you can hardly read the text because of it. We guess a new user wouldn’t mind watching the video advertisement of the RomanceCompass dating website – we were curious too. So, generally – the impression is good. The creators definitely tried harder than the designers of the homepage. It is made in the love-story format and genuinely encourages people to join the platform. One can say that the scenario of it is pretty naive. The point is it does what is needed – we answer. It is great that the website, like many other providers, has finally realized having a Blog is essential nowadays. Relationships with foreign ladies do differ from what Western men got used to, and they surely need professional advice. Articles staff of RC write are on various topics: from facts about Russian women to travel dating. Good job, guys! If you scroll the page a bit down – you can find random profiles of RomanceCompass brides. It is beneficial that you can use the basic search filters and see if they have ladies that meet your original expectations. You can open the user page of your favorites! Still, to watch all the pictures and send messages, registration is required. Just below, you can read about the offered by RC communication ways. It’s too bad they haven’t written more than a few words concerning each one. Also, as mentioned before, the further recommendations are not really readable. Okay, enough with the first impression and home page. Let’s join RomanceCompass and see how it works from the inside!

RomanceCompass women: where are they from?

Oh, almost forgotten! How can we sign up without knowing where the RC ladies come from? Let us clarify this matter first. We have found many RomanceCompass dating site reviews, where it is stated that only Russian girls are members there. This is not correct, though. In 2022, singles from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, the Czech Republic, and Kazakhstan are in their catalog. Therefore, if you believe your future wife comes from the ex-USSR countries – wonderful. This platform has something to offer, then.

How do you sign up?

All preparations are finally over, and we can make the next step. How to sign up to RomanceCompass, then? There is the Join us now box on the left side of the homepage. You need to write your full name and email address in the corresponding fields. Don’t forget to think up a secure password. Or, you can simply log in with Facebook and skip the procedure mentioned above. And, that’s all. You don’t need to do anything else since you will be immediately redirected to your user profile on RomanceCompass dating site. Confirmation of your email address is not required. Instead, you are offered to complete your profile straight away.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

How do you set up your profile?

RomanceCompass dating reviews mention you can get twenty credits for filling out your profile. For sure, it is a nice bonus, as a complement to more attention from the ladies. How can you do this? Right on the homepage, you need to choose the Edit profile button. Right after the registration, it is completed at thirteen percent. If you want to get the promised reward – your goal is 100%. The initial section of setting up your profile is account information. There you can change your email address and password. It doesn’t have an impact on the final result, though. Just below, you can write the personal information members of the RomanceCompass might be interested to know about you. Your full name and country were already noted during the registration. What else can you mention? Your date of birth, the city you live in, ethnicity, marital status, level of education, occupation, and religion. Just like your appearance description: height, weight, body type, hair, and eye color. To pretty standard information could be added more curious facts about your personality. For example, your favorite color, music, and kind of sport you like most. Don’t forget to share your attitude towards smoking and drinking alcohol. And, it won’t hurt if you mention your children and pets (if you have any). If you scroll the page down, you find the rest of the fields you need to fill out to get the bonus. There you can write a few words about your dream partner (her age and description). Who knows, what if she is one of the RomanceCompass women? However, telling about yourself is also required. It includes your aim of acquaintance and what kind of games you like. We don’t understand how the last question could be helpful in your search, though. If you fill out all these fields – your profile on RomanceCompass becomes 70% completed. We guess the photos should be uploaded to get the desired 100%. Let’s upload some and see what happens. Well, unfortunately, it makes only 90%. Please, let us know if you figure out what else needs to be done to get the reward because we give up. Anyway, the result of your work can be seen in the Preview profile tab on the top of the screen.

Main features

And we want to start this section of our article with good news – we managed to get the long-awaited 100%. This is impossible without confirmation of your email address, though. Keep it in mind if you want to win yourself twenty free credits. But this was a lyrical digression – and it’s time to focus our attention on RomanceCompass features available for users after signing up. Let’s start with the buttons placed on the top of the screen. There are presented, above all, communication options – such as video chat, messages, and chat invites. Although, we’ll give more detailed information about them later in our RomanceCompass’s review of the site. The button Interests redirects you to the ladies’ profiles who want to know you better. My Cuties tab works oppositely and shows your communication attempts. This feature, however, shouldn’t be confused with Favorites. Girls from this list won’t know you like them. Ladies Gallery and Search do almost the same job – help you to find potential conversationalists. The difference is, Search has more filters. Clicking on the Support button, you get in touch with the RC site administration. On the right side of the screen, right under your avatar photo and name, you can find your current account balance and buy more credits. In the middle of the screen are placed a few additional user options of dating platform RomanceCompass. You can make changes to what other users can read about you by clicking on the Edit profile. Just like add or delete your pictures in the Manage Photos tab. The New Profiles button gives you access to the RC users recently registered to this website. Choose Video Clips if you want to see your favorites not only on photos before texting them. All other buttons duplicate the services of the top line.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

Principally, RomanceCompass search can be divided into two categories – the basic and the advanced one. The greatest difference is they could be reached under the separate buttons. The most fundamental search criteria become available if you hit the Ladies Gallery button. There you can only choose the age of your potential girlfriend and the country she lives in. Check the box Online now to see only the profiles of the girls who are available for chats now. For those who want to get as specified results as possible – exists the advanced search. This one could be found under the corresponding button. There are placed plenty of search criteria – pretty much more than Anastasia Date offers. Above all, you can find a profile of a member of RomanceCompass if you know her ID number. In case – you don’t know with whom you want to talk yet – there are additional filters available. Initially, you can choose the dating category that fits your expectations most. Almost all of them concern the potential partner’s religion (Catholic, Christian, Muslim) and race. Still, fields with similar data are available below. If you scroll the page down, you can set filters regarding the appearance of your perfect RomanceCompass woman. It includes weight, height, body type, hair, and eye color. The general information: such as age, ethnicity, marital status, attitude towards smoking, and drinking. Don’t forget to pick how good your conversationalist’s English knowledge should be. Besides, you can sort the search results by how long they are the site members. Or by the availability of video clips in their profiles.

How do you communicate?

As already mentioned in our RomanceCompass dating service review – there are various communication tools on this website. Let’s take a closer look at all of them to find out how they work. You can use RomanceCompass to connect with women through the old-good emails. Click on the Messages button to open your RC mailbox. There are actually placed all letters you get through the site – either from ladies or from the site administration. If you ask our opinion, though – it doesn’t seem to be really convenient. The only good thing is that you can search for the messages from all folders. On the other hand, we couldn’t understand what the Presentation tab suggested. If it is somehow possible to write a presentational email and send it to the matches automatically – we would be glad to know that. Another mysterious site feature we have read about in recent RomanceCompass reviews is Chat Requests. As far as we understand, it has nothing to do with real-life chat invitations since thousands of them appear every minute. Using it, you can somehow make an appointment with a lady (no matter how funny it sounds). For example, in our case, the girl has made the invitation and suggested the time and day. We could either accept it or reject it. And the last one of the RomanceCompass messaging ways is video chat. As you can see from the picture above – the favorite out-of-date design of RC developers is noticeable there too. The chat room was definitely created parallel to the Windows 98 operating system and wasn’t changed following modern tendencies. The emojis are simply ridiculous! The question arises itself: do we really want to pay for it?

Does RomanceCompass have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, there is no RomanceCompass app available. We, however, weren’t surprised to see that. It is obvious the site owners avoid investing an extra cent in their platform. Probably they are just too concentrated on their profit…

What does a free membership offer?

As soon as you enter your user name and password on the RomanceCompass login page – be ready. The fact is, there is almost nothing you can do for free as a member of RC. Let’s find out what it exactly is. Above all, membership itself costs nothing. So you have time to look around and decide whether the service deserves your money at all. Secondly, you can set up your profile without paying anything. Moreover – you can earn 20 credits for answering all RC questions. It will take some time, though. Do you remember the Interests feature mentioned in our RomanceCompass review? It doesn’t bring you much – still – you can show you are interested in someone for free. There are five templates you can choose from: beginning with “let’s be friends” and ending with “I love you.” Also, all incoming messages from RC girls are free to open. The same cannot be said about replying to your favorites.

What does a paid membership offer?

You probably read our review because you want to know the price/quality ratio of this site. You won’t have to wait long – since in this part of our article all answers will be given. Let’s start with the basic information. The RC’s currency is credits. To buy its services – you will need to convert your real-life money to these virtual units. We are currently in Europe, and, conveniently, the prices are displayed in EUR. Notwithstanding currency, the general tendency remains – the more credits you buy – the better discount you get. Also, there is a promotion for new members – we advise you to use it to decide whether you like how the things there work. Anyway, in our opinion, prices on RomanceCompass can’t be called low. Before using RomanceCompass, it is wise to figure out how many credits each service costs. For sending a letter, your account will be charged with 7 credits. Chat is even more expensive: 1 credit for texting per minute. If you want to see your conversationalist while chatting – pay 1 extra credit per minute. For video-broadcast should be paid 1 more credit. Simply said – 3 credits total for video chats. RomanceCompass girls have many video clips in their profiles. The price of each is 20 credits. Bikini photos are just a bit less costly – 10 credits each. Your request (that could be denied by the lady) to exchange contact information with your favorite woman costs 25 credits. There are also virtual and real gifts on this site. The price depends on the item you pick.

Customer support

Each dating site review we write couldn’t be complete without an honest assessment of its customer support service. What do we think of this aspect of RC after using it for a while? That’s too bad we couldn’t find the FAQ section on this platform. This would save the staff’s time since answers to the most commonly asked questions could have been found without asking them. Due to the fact – there is no hotline or official email address of the website either – members on have only one way of contacting customer support service. Clicking on the Support button on the top of the screen, you will be redirected to the corresponding page. There you can fill out the form and create a ticket with your issue. But don’t expect to get a prompt reply – it will definitely take at least 24 hours.

Security and safety

If you read other reviews on our platform, you probably understand what we are going to say now. If you want to know the truth about RomanceCompass – carefully read its Terms and Conditions. We’ve done it already and can’t wait to share the most curious observations with you. Dating site RomanceCompass belongs to Compoint Solutions Ltd registered in Nicosia, Cyprus. If you google this company – you find out that this organization owns two more matchmaking platforms – GoDateNow and Jasmin Marriage agency. And there are two options here: either Compoint Solutions Ltd is a huge corporation, or it’s simply a fake. If the second version is the right one – bad news, you won’t be able to get a refund or any other compensation in case something goes wrong. In fact, the more Terms and Conditions you read – the more doubts come. By the way, these guys can change the conditions of your agreement without notifying you – so, be careful. The matter that makes us worry even more – RomanceCompass profiles are not verified. Paragraph 12.8 says – that member profiles and information contained therein are provided by third parties, and site administration is not responsible for it. And – according to section 12.9, staff can delete or change anything they like on the website. Well… Do you really want to search for love there?

RomanceCompass mail order bride FAQ

Is RomanceCompass free to use?

No, it is not free. Actually, as soon as you have joined RomanceCompass – be ready to pay. But for the sake of justice, we need to mention your membership itself will cost nothing. As well as certain features, for example – demonstrating your interest in a girl or opening her incoming letter.

How to create a profile on RomanceCompass?

As mentioned in our review on the RomanceCompass dating site – creating a profile there won’t be a complex task. As an initial step – you will need to provide the most basic information about yourself or simply log in through Facebook. If you have time – complete your profile and get the 20 credits bonus. Still, uploading at least one photo and confirming your email address is required. Otherwise – forget about your reward.

How do RomanceCompass credits work?

Credits on RomanceCompass work as the platform’s virtual currency. You convert your real-life dollars and euros into these units to pay for the site’s services. Due to the fact – the platform’s usage will cost you a pretty penny – it’s advisable to take part in all offered promotions to save some money.

How can I delete my RomanceCompass profile?

You can’t just delete your profile on the RomanceCompass online dating site with one click. There is no corresponding button available. You actually have two options. The first one – you forget about your user page and don’t use it for more than six months. In such a case, it will be deactivated automatically. But better safe than sorry, isn’t it? We, personally, prefer the second option – contacting the customer support service. Then, you will know for sure – your profile is deleted.

How many members does RomanceCompass have?

According to official sources, there are around 20000 RomanceCompass ladies looking for love with their help. We, however, are not sure that this is the absolutely correct number.

Can I use RomanceCompass anonymously?

In its Terms and Conditions, RomanceCompass recommends each user use his real name and surname. Still, no one asks male members to provide any documents that confirm their identities, so why not?

Is RC messaging free?

As mentioned in our RomanceCompass’s review – messaging is far from being free there. Except for incoming letters – you will have to pay for each communication feature. Particularly expensive are video chats – 3 credits per minute.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Actually, the confirmation email comes right away. But you can visit RomanceCompass, buy credits, and communicate with ladies without it.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

Unfortunately – you cannot. And actually, after carefully reading the Terms and Conditions, we think that all RomanceCompass scam reports are not fake. The agreement the site developed creates excellent conditions for fraudsters. These guys don’t verify users’ identities and are not responsible for what they do.

Is RomanceCompass safe?

To be absolutely honest, we find safety is the main drawback of There are two many inconsistencies and doubts after reading the Terms and Conditions…

What can I do to keep my account safe?

The rules about RomanceCompass in this respect are the same as anywhere else on the Web. Above all, you need to create a strong password – never use your date of birth or something similarly simple. Don’t open your user page on the computers of other people – it’s not safe either. The most crucial tip is this one – in no way can you trust strangers from the Internet. So be very careful with what you write – no too personal information, such as your home address.

All answers are given except for the last one... So, is RomanceCompass worth it? There are, for sure, many nice things about this platform you will like - such as free features or discounts. But the drawbacks are too significant. We don't see a reason single Western men should trust RC and send them their money.

Safe & Secure
Communication Options
Detailed Profiles
Customer Support
8.3 Overall Rating