Ru-Brides review
  • You can create a profile on Ru Brides and set it up for free.
  • You can pay for the RB services not only with a credit card – but also with bitcoins.
  • The color scheme of the website is eye-pleasing.
  • There is no membership fee – you pay only for the services you use.
  • The pricing of the service is pretty expensive.
  • To communicate with the ladies, you need to buy the credits package.
  • There is no app for Android and iOS devices.
  • The RB blog was updated in 2020 for the last time.
  • There is no FAQ section, and the customer support service’s replies are really slow.
  • The low-security level is the main drawback of Ru
  • The speculation about the war in Ukraine (for example, through the strange gifts that could be ordered). the best website to meet your Russian bride? the best website to meet your Russian bride? There are plenty of immigrants from Russia around the globe. No matter where exactly you live – you will definitely find such girls in your country, especially in light of recent political developments in their motherland. However, in most cases, these are the females born abroad. So in the context of mentality, it’s definitely not the same… Western guys, like you, are usually interested in starting relationships with Russian women because they are considered gorgeous. Also, they are clever and genuinely family-oriented. It is, therefore, understandable why you are now intended to choose the best dating platform to meet these hotties. Since traveling directly to Russia is not only expensive but also a bit dangerous nowadays – this factor shouldn’t be underestimated for obvious reasons. Thus, in fact, the Internet remains the safest option available. Lately, we have received requests from our readers to write a review on the Ru Brides dating site. Read it if you are now looking for the best platform for getting to know Slavic single ladies.

First impression

If you enter in the search box of your Internet browser, what do you see? It’s the platform’s homepage, we know. But is it engaging enough? Let’s take a closer look at it! As you probably know, initially, we evaluate the design of the website we write the review. Because, in our opinion, such insignificant details demonstrate the actual attitude towards the customers from the owners’ side. So we like to start with the elements that are pretty well-realized. We talk about the RuBrides art style – namely, the color scheme. The deep blue in combination with white is eye-pleasing and won’t annoy you when spending much time using it. The pink details are appropriate too. The rest of the design components are not that good. For instance, the site’s logo seems older than the RB itself! Thus, it definitely needs a large restyle. The next thing your attention will be attracted to is the random pictures of the female members of the Ru Brides service. All photos are clickable – so you can read the profile information of your favorites even before joining. First impression about Fortunately or unfortunately, we are not beginners in the matters of the dating industry. And we know that this move was replicated by the famous provider AnastasiaDate. It’s a pity RB wasn’t creative enough to set up something new… Right below the pictures of the ladies is posted the endless text about Russian brides. We consider this highly ineffective since information like this should better be conceptualized as an article in the blog. Although the corresponding section of the RuBrides platform hasn’t been updated since 2020 (let us kindly remind you that it’s 2022 we currently live in). And that’s all… To be honest: with our proven experience, the website’s homepage doesn’t seem inspiring enough to take it seriously. But we realize that the first impression can be deceptive. Let’s join and see the truth.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

Ru Brides women: where are they from?

Before continuing with the Ru Brides review, we need to give the answer to this important question. It would appear that everything is apparent, and the name of the service, just like its slogan (find a perfect Russian girl for dating) – illustrates this best of all. But don’t be a skeptic – it is not so straightforward. Ru Brides women: where are they from? On this website are presented the single women from many countries. For example, the former-USSR lands are very well-presented. It includes – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, and Georgia. Just like other East-European countries, such as Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. The Asian beauties from China and Kazakhstan are in the RB catalog too.

How do you sign up?

Okay, what about the Ru Brides sign-up process, then? How does it work? Let’s go through it together! Right on the website’s homepage, you can find the registration form. It is entitled “Register now and find your love.» How do you sign up on Ru Brides In fact, it’s one of the shortest forms we have ever seen. There are only three fields in it – your name, email address, and password. As soon as they are filled out – click the Create Account button. If you want to skip this simple step – you can sign up with your Facebook data. Create Account on Ru-Brides You will be invited to verify your email address to finish the registration. So, make sure you enter the valid one.

How do you set up your profile?

When your email address is verified, the RuBrides site administration will start suggesting you set up your profile. The corresponding message appears right above your user ID. How do you set up your profile As you can see, for the successful completion and upload of photos: you will be rewarded with twenty credits. To proceed with it – hit the pink link on the mentioned above message. How do you set up your profile How do you set up your profile The section Your account information includes the data you use on Ru Brides login page. It’s your email, password, and gender. You don’t need to do anything there. Your personal information segment requires more work, especially if you want to get bonus credits. What kind of details about yourself do you need to share, then? They all are, in fact, pretty standard: your name, date of birth, country, state, and city you live in. The same goes for your ethnicity, religion, education, occupation, marital status, presence of children, and annual income. Next comes your appearance description: body type, height, weight, eye- and hair color. Not extraordinary are the questions about your smoking- and drinking habits, hobbies (favorite kinds of sports and music), and attitude towards pets. The section Your account information includes the data you use on Ru Brides login page The last part of the questionnaire concerns your aim of acquaintance, self-description, and portrayal of the ideal partner (including her age). Then, you will be asked to click the Save changes button. Your photos could be uploaded in the corresponding tab. upload your photos to Ru Brides When you are ready – you can preview your profile and see how the Ru-Brides brides see it.

Main features

What do you see when the Ru Brides login page is left behind? Which of the website’s features become available to you? Actually – it’s not much you get. So it makes sense to stay in more detail on each of them. First of all, the main features available to the RB users are placed on the top of the user page. Let’s start with the Women Gallery. Main features Ru Brides As far as we understand, there are packed profiles of the ladies who are currently online. By the blinking green camera sign, you can understand – whether your favorite Ru-Brides bride is available for video chat or not. If she has already sent you an introduction letter – you will know that through the sign of a small red heart with the number near the envelope icon. By the blinking green camera sign, you can understand - whether your favorite Ru-Brides bride is available for video chat or not By choosing the Videoclips tab, you will be redirected to the RB page with video presentations of the female members. Near each, you can see the name and age of the woman who is the central character there. Okay, what else? On RuBrides, you can make a kind of rate of the ladies you like most. You must hit the diamond icon below their avatar pictures to do this. To make a romantic gesture, you can use the gift delivery service of the platform. Anyway, the presents in the catalog are pretty unusual. For example, we talk about the bulletproof vest, bulletproof ballistic helmet, and even respirator gas mask! We write this Ru Brides review at the times of armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and our team condemns the Russian aggression. But aren’t these gifts nothing else but speculation about the war’s subject? We don’t think it is reasonable – to order military goods through a dating website. Those who want to help usually choose volunteers and voluntary organizations. So, if RB has honest intentions – it’s highly recommended to delete such items from their catalog…

How do you search and sort the ladies?

As a rule, international matchmaking platforms offer their users two search opportunities: basic and advanced. The Ru-Brides dating website, on the opposite, has only one option available. How do you search and sort the ladies? What kind of search criteria can you apply? The potential girlfriend’s country, age, height, weight, body type, eyes- and hair color. Just like her marital status, religion, level of English, presence of children, and attitude towards drinking and smoking. Or, if you know the ID number of the RB girl you want to chat with – you can use it too. By the way, in the results of your search, members on Ru can be sorted by the time they were online for the last time. From those who are on the site at that moment – to the ladies who logged in a week ago last time…

How do you communicate?

Online dating Ru-Brides has only two communication ways: letters and chats. It’s pretty typical, though. What do you get when using each? Let’s start with mailing. How do you communicate on Once again, there’s nothing unique about it. The RB suggests you exchange letters with the ladies through the typical online email box. Yes, you understood us right – it’s just like your free one, but for funds. The folders in it are pretty ordinary too. General Messages – is the main one. In this section will be displayed the absolute majority of incoming mails. The letters from your favorites will be shown in the corresponding folder. The big secret is Presentations. We couldn’t find what kind of emails will be placed there. Spoiler: the customer support service explanation hasn’t come till the moment of publishing this Bride Ru review. Also, we find it pretty inconvenient that the communication with the site administration doesn’t have a separate tab. All right, what have we found out about the RB chat? bout the RB chat As you can see, the chat window is pretty typical as well. It is made for instant messages and video conferences. It’s possible not only to watch what your conversationalist does – but also to broadcast yourself. And that’s all – other Internet dating opportunities, such as phone calls, aren’t available on RuBrides.

Does Ru-Brides have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, Ru-Brides doesn’t have an app for mobile devices. As mentioned in our reviews on other websites (for instance, Find Bride) – we highly disapprove of such an attitude towards customers. Since – nowadays, singles are constantly on the go and don’t like to limit themselves to communication solely from the laptop.

What does a free membership offer?

We come to a sensitive subject of our dating site review. Namely, to its price/quality ratio. To estimate it candidly – we need to start with the features you get for free. What is it, then? Above all, the registration and membership itself cost nothing. Also, you can set up your profile and upload photos not only free of charge but for 20 bonus credits. Searching for potential girlfriends is possible without buying a subscription. What about the communication opportunities? Opening incoming letters from the ladies is free. The same goes for watching your lady on camera during chat or broadcasting. However, it’s necessary to pay for the text messages to enable it. And it’s the whole story – the rest of the services that RuBrides provides require your money.

What does a paid membership offer?

In this part of our article, we are going to talk about the paid services and prices on Ru Brides website. How much money do you need to find your love through this platform? First and foremost, we have to say that free membership alone won’t be enough. Since before becoming a paid member, you can merely read the letters RB ladies send. For sending a reply, you will be charged 10 credits. One minute in the chat room costs 2 credits. It is, in fact, a bit more expensive than on other similar sites. However, turning on a camera during your online talk won’t cost you a penny. There are also video presentations, which can be found almost in every female member of Ru Brides’ profile. The price of watching it is 10 credits. The final amount you will have to pay for the gift delivery service depends on what you want to order. For example, psychological therapy sessions cost 869 credits, while for a bouquet of 15 roses, you will be charged 449 credits. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you – what is the price of requesting the contact information of the lady you are fond of. It is stated that there are certain preconditions for the usage of this service. You can either write at least 15 letters to her or spend 180 minutes in the chat room with this woman. The other question is, would you be extra charged for it, or not. "What As you can see from the screenshot – the credits for communication should be bought in packages. The most beneficial are, of course, greater amounts, for instance – 750 credits for $299. The price reduction of each unit compared to the smallest package (20 credits for $12) is apparent.

Customer support

You can contact the customer support service through your Ru Brides account. The corresponding button can be found at the top of your user page. Customer support Ru Brides You can either create a ticket or write an email to [email protected]. If you decide on the first option, you need to choose a letter’s subject by clicking on the drop-down list. In the Your Message box, you can describe the problem you experience with the site. We find it strange RB doesn’t have the FAQ section. Since many of the issues, users have a pretty standard, and standard answers are sometimes really helpful.

Security and safety

To be honest, our impression of the dating platform Ru Brides is not really good. The reason for it is in what the female members write. Take a look at this letter: Security and safety Ru Brides After reading it, we were a little shocked: a woman so straightforwardly asked us to buy her a house! So, we decided to read other Ru Brides reviews and get in touch with former male members. And their experience is indeed unpleasant. The majority of them said the same thing about the communication with RB girls. The emails these beauties send usually promise great love or just a quick romantic adventure with clichéd phrases. They say, for example, that they adore your profile and can’t wait to hear from you. Their dream is to finally meet and/or marry their loved ones. But later begins the more interesting part – the RB women will start asking for money. The typical situation is when a guy transfers money to a poor girl through his bank account so that she can visit him. How do you recognize such scammers on this website? Well, the hints are obvious, as you can see from the screenshot. And if you reply to this sort of email and establish contact with such a fraudster – the topic of your conversations quickly turns to money, visas, and marriage. The loved one needs money for food, bribes, or flight tickets. Don’t be that naive to do what they want – the result will only disappoint you. And, from the experience of former users, the site administration does nothing to fight the scammers…


Is Ru Brides free to use?

No, we can’t say that the dating site Ru Brides is completely free to use. There are, however, certain platform features available at no price. We have mentioned it in our review – for example, opening letters from the ladies. For the rest, you will need to become a paid member.

How to create a profile on Ru Brides?

It’s pretty easy to sign up to Ru Brides. You will need to provide only your name and email address as well as think up a password. Or, if you want to skip this step at all – you can use your Facebook account to log in.

How do Ru Brides credits work?

As soon as the Ru Brides log-in page is left behind – you will need credits for the communication. It’s nothing unusual in them – just typical virtual units that work as the website’s currency. Therefore, each of the services is priced not in dollars or euros but in credits. The main rule remains typical. The bigger package you buy at once – the better discount you get.

Is Ru Brides safe to use?

The truth about Ru Brides we discovered when writing this article is pretty frustrating. So, unfortunately, we can’t say this dating platform is safe to use. It’s pretty apparent that the RB site administration doesn’t plan to do anything to make the situation anyhow better. For example, you can’t even report the suspicious activities of the female members!

How can I delete my Ru Brides profile?

You can’t delete your Ru Brides account just with two mouse clicks. To proceed with it, you will need to send a corresponding request to the site administration. Only they can do this for you. But be prepared that their reply will take a while.

How many members does Ru Brides have?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any official information in this regard. The number of the Ru Bride girls who are online at the moment can’t be seen anywhere. So we can make only the assumptions – and that wouldn’t be fair.

Can I use Ru Brides anonymously?

We don’t think using Ru Brides anonymously is allowed. You are invited to share your real name when creating the account – so this automatically means no to your question.

How can I know that the RB profiles are real?

We guess you can’t. There are too many reports about the Ru Brides scam to trust these guys completely. The typical scheme of work of the fraudsters on this platform was described in our review.

Is RB messaging free?

The Ru Brides dating site doesn’t offer its users to communicate for free, in particular – in the chat room. The only thing you can do for free is – to enjoy the video chat for the price of a text message exchange.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

As a rule, as you have joined Ru Brides – the confirmation email comes immediately. If it doesn’t happen, make sure you have entered it right during the registration.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

Above all, you need to make your profile on Ru Brides dating service strong enough. It shouldn’t be your date of birth or something equally easy to guess. Also, you shouldn’t log in from the computers of strangers – who knows what they are going to do with your credit card information? And, of course, be very careful with scammers.

Ru has its drawbacks and benefits. We have mentioned all of them very thoroughly in the review. Without a doubt, each one should decide for himself which points outweigh. But if you want to know our thoughts - our team is united in the opinion - better not. We believe it's hard to tolerate the presence of scammers on the website and the attitude towards them the site administration has. Still, the final decision is up to you, of course.

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