8.0/10 review
  • There are always at least 1500 users online (from our experience).
  • You can create a profile on UkraineDate and set it up for free.
  • The information you can put in your profile is comprehensive and informative. The other members can find out a lot about you before chatting, just like you about them.
  • You can enjoy certain UD services for free, such as Likes.
  • If you have an Android device, you can download an official app.
  • The UD design is not really user-friendly. It may take a while before you figure out how it all works.
  • The prices on UkraineDate are pretty high.
  • There is no app for those users who have iOS devices.
  • Officially more than 80% of all members are men. You will have to work hard to receive someone’s attention.
  • The behavior of the UD ladies is a little suspicious.
  • At least one of the lovebirds has to have a premium membership. Otherwise, communication is impossible. leading international dating service or just a waste of time and money? leading international dating service The 21st century is the time of globalization. This concerns all spheres of life: from the manufacturing sector to foodstuffs. It is then not surprising that the dating industry has become international too. Perhaps, for this reason, some of the small agencies turned into market giants. Without a doubt, CupidMedia belongs to such providers. What do we know about these guys? Above all, they are, in fact, one of the oldest and largest finding-a-partner-abroad networks. This includes websites with Asian, Latin American, African, and Eastern European mail-order brides. There are even platforms specializing in Caribbean dating among them! Also, in addition to the international love search, CupidMedia has developed sites for representatives of the LGBT community, which is definitely great. According to experts, more than 35 million members of various sites belonging to this company use it daily. And even this impressive enough number continues to grow. Founded in 2000, CupidMedia loves to describe itself as the best online dating provider in the international dating niche. Thus, we weren’t puzzled about getting dozens of requests to compose a review on the UkraineDate dating site – one of its examples. Is this website really as promising as the owners claim? Or is it just the result of thousands of dollars spent on PR and marketing? Let’s figure it out together!


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

First impression

Go to dating site in your internet browser. What do you see? Actually, the platform’s design is pretty typical for a representative of the CupidMedia network. The color scheme – violet and white – is standard as well. However, the combination itself is pretty eye-pleasing. First impression about UkraineDate If English is not your mother tongue – you can change it to any of a long list of options. In terms of international dating, it is definitely beneficial. In the middle of the UD homepage, you can see the explanation of the site’s purpose. Namely – there you can meet the singles from Ukraine. Also, these guys state that it’s the number one platform in this niche with over 1000000 members. Sounds advantageous, doesn’t it? Meet the singles from Ukraine on When scrolling the UkraineDate login page down, you can find the small text that ought to encourage potential users to join. They promise a fun, safe, and unique dating experience. What’s true in this pledge? We’ll find out later… UkraineDate login page The testimonials of the former users spiced up with the pictures are intended to motivate the skeptics – those who believe only in demonstrable results. If their idea worked in the right way – the instructions on how to start in three simple steps will be helpful. Okay, then, we do feel motivated enough. Let’s create an account and see UD from the inside!

UkraineDate women: where are they from?

The name of the website speaks for itself. Female members of the UkraineDate platform are from Ukraine. So, we guess you weren’t surprised to hear that. But, as wise people say – never celebrate too early. The gender ratio of the UD users is unbalanced. Only about 15 percent of all members are women – while the remaining 85 percent are single men like you. Therefore, there is a huge need to be creative and active if you want to be noticed. Although even in this case, you can not get further without luck.

How do you sign up?

Okay, you are interested in joining this website and looking for your Ukrainian wife there. How do you sign up to UkraineDate? It’s strange, but UD doesn’t have the typical registration form on its main page. This could be problematic for beginners with online dating. To proceed with signing up, you need to hit the View Singles Now button. UkraineDate women on As you can see, you need to provide only basic information. It includes your first name, gender, and the gender of the person you want to meet through Your age and email address should be noted too. In the end – you will be asked to think up a password and confirm that you are 18 years old or older. As soon as you are ready – press the View Singles Now button. Right after that – you will be redirected to your newly created user profile. Create user profile on

How do you set up your profile?

In this section of our UkraineDate review, we are going to share how to set up your user profile there. You need to click on the circle with the percentage of how complete it currently is. After that, you will be redirected to the corresponding page. How do you set up your profile on You will be suggested – you begin with the Your Basics part. It, in fact, includes all the details you have already provided during the UkraineDate sign-up process. Still, you will be able to specify your date of birth and the city/country you live in. Your Basics part on UkraineDate sign-up process The next step concerns your appearance. The information you can share involves your hair and eye color, height, weight, body type, and ethnicity. If you have piercings, tattoos, or anything similar – say it. The next question is pretty unusual – you are asked to evaluate your appearance on a scale of below-average to very attractive. Share your information on Share about your lifestyle on Share about your marital status, the presence of children on What about your lifestyle? Do you drink or smoke, maybe? Tell it! The following questions are regarding your marital status, the presence of children, and desire to have more kids. The same goes for the attitude towards pets. Your occupation comes next, just like employment status and annual income. What is your living situation? Do you live alone or with your friends? Are you willing to relocate within your country or abroad either? What kind of a relationship are you looking for? Don’t be afraid to tell the members on what you think. Don't be afraid to tell the members on what you think. Say a few words about yourself and help ladies find you on UkraineDate The last section of the questionnaire contains the questions about your nationality, education level, languages you can speak, and how good your English knowledge is. Your religion and star sign shouldn’t be left unknown. In conclusion, you will be asked to say a few words about yourself and what you are looking for in your partner. Don’t forget to give your profile heading – it will help ladies find you.

Main features

During testing and writing our review, we were focused on how effective the features and services of this platform are. It has a direct impact on its price/quality ratio – we think. Thus, in this section of our article, we’ll focus on the UD services. Except for the search and communication opportunities, though (the information about them is available further in our revision). The first one we want to talk about is My Matches. Main features UkraineDate If you set up your profile and answer all questions in the questionnaire, the website’s algorithms will work as matchmakers. They will suggest you check out the ladies’ profiles with a similar outlook on life. It means you won’t need to search for potential conversationalists. The best ones can be found under the My Matches button. The next feature in our list is Likes. My Matches button UkraineDate There are three tabs when you open the main page of this service. These are Liked Me (the girls who picked you), My Likes (the females you found attractive), and Mutual Likes (when you have a match). We think this feature is pretty advantageous. Since if you are too shy to send a message to a member of UkraineDate, you can like her and maybe get her attention in this way. Let’s talk about the Favorites feature now. About the Favorites feature on UkraineDate This service works likewise the previous one. The only difference is you or your potential girlfriend hit the star-shaped button instead of the heart-shaped one. The tabs are, therefore, similar either: I’m Their Favorite, My Favorites, and Mutual Favorites. The last UD feature is translations. You can use it after becoming a premium member – not a standard one. This is particularly helpful in the case of dealing with the language barrier, though.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

It is not the first dating site review that we have worked on. So, as a rule, the matchmaking platforms offer two ways of how singles can search for potential conversationalists: basic and advanced ones. This, however, is not the case with UkraineDate. There are seven alternatives there! They include the Keyword, CupidTag, First Name, Member Number, Popular, Saved, and Advanced Searches. We won’t talk about all of them, though – only about the most interesting options. The first one is CupidTag. How do you search and sort the ladies on UkraineDate Do you remember that when setting up your profile, it was suggested you add tags to your user description? Here is where this would come in handy. You can find like-minded people through these markers. The additional filters, in this case, are only your and your potential partner’s genders, age, and country of residence. Just like the presence of pictures in the profile, by the way. The Keyword search works similarly. The Advanced search is, for sure, the most comprehensive one. If you know in detail what kind of UkraineDate bride you are looking for – that’s what you need. You can find like-minded people on UkraineDate Choose kind of bride on UkraineDate When using it, you will be able to set lots of filters. For instance, to the mentioned above are added the purpose of dating, your perfect partner’s appearance, lifestyle, and background. To save your time and don’t do it each time from the beginning – you can save your search and find it later in the same-named tab.

How do you communicate?

The dating site UkraineDate offers two communication ways. The first one is called Messages. How do you communicate on UkraineDate As you can see, it looks like a regular online mailbox. You have typical folders there, like Received, Sent, Favorites, and Trash. Thus, we guess it won’t be hard for you to figure out how this all works. The dating site UkraineDate The second option is similar to a Facebook chat. But there are no emojis or GIF animations there – you will have to indicate your emotions in an old-good manner. The only benefit of UD chat is the Cupid Introductions service. It allows you to create templates for messages, so there would be no need to think up something new each time you talk to a new lady. Of course, you can use it only with UkraineDate brides who are on the site at the moment.

Does UkraineDate have a mobile app?

As mentioned in many other Ukraine Date reviews, an official app for this site is available for download. Solely for the Android devices, though. The disadvantage, therefore, is that Apple owners don’t have an app in the store. UkraineDate mobile app You can install it without paying a cent. The UkraineDate login page you can get access to through the app is similar to a desktop version of the site. So you can either create a profile or simply open an already existing account. The other services you can use from the smartphone or tablet are the following: view ladies’ profiles, activate the potential conversationalists’ search, establish new contacts, and send likes. As you can see, these are almost all UD’s features. The function of direct messages deserves particular attention. It’s, in fact, the WhatsApp messenger. Thus, you won’t have to puzzle over what to do there.

What does a free membership offer?

Let’s start with a good thing about this platform. You can try online dating UkraineDate for free. There is no specific test period like at AnastasiaDate, for example. You can stay by your basic membership as long as you like since all new users get it automatically. What can you do at UD charge-free, then? Above all, you can set up your profile and upload pictures. Searching for potential conversationalists and viewing their profiles is also possible. You can send likes and add to your favorites the most attractive ones. Mailing (reading messages from a premium member as the sender) can be tried too. If this is sufficient for you, it is possible to use the UkraineDate account permanently on a free-of-charge basis. However, to ensure that all users can read your messages, buying a premium membership makes sense. Unfortunately, there is no way to test the paid features before paying their price.

What does a paid membership offer?

The website www.ukraine offers three types of membership: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each could be bought in three different durations: one month, three months, and twelve months. Since we are now in Europe, the prices are displayed in euros. Thus, the cheapest one (Gold) costs 35,45 EUR per month, 68.91 EUR for three months, and 137,83 EUR a year. For buying the middle one (Platinum), you will be charged 41,93 EUR per month, 81,89 EUR for three months, and 163,79 EUR a year. The most expensive plan (Diamond) is priced at 83,87 EUR per month, 163,79 EUR for three months, and 327,58 EUR a year. One tip in this regard: you need to remember that the subscription will be renewed automatically. So don’t forget to cancel it, if this is not what you want. Okay, which of the services that UkraineDate provides are available for the premium members? What does a paid UkraineDate membership offer As you can see, the more expensive the membership price is – the more features of UD you can use. However, if you are interested merely in communication, the Gold version of it – is more than enough. With its help, you can send messages as well as read emails from all users. But if you want to unlock exclusive search features or get better matches – it makes sense to choose, at least, the Platinum one.

Customer support

To get in touch with the customer support service on the UkraineDate dating website – you need to scroll your user page down to the bottom. There is placed the Contact Us button, which is pretty unnoticeable. When hitting it, you will be redirected to the corresponding page. UkraineDate customer support As you can see, there are various ways to get the answers to your questions. Some of them, however, take time. We talked about writing a letter to the postal address of the company. So we advise you to either call them or use online help. But you shouldn’t forget that premium members have a higher priority than those with a basic membership.

Security and safety

When working on this review, we were pleasantly impressed at first. Notwithstanding the questionable convenience in the usage and not a really user-friendly interface, we were ready to say it’s worth your money to a large extent. However, our team is too experienced to believe empty words and fairytales. That’s why we decided to start a small experiment. As it happens, one of our staff members can speak Russian pretty fluently. So, his idea was to say it right after a few messages in the chat. Also, since many Ukrainian women live outside their homeland because of the recent events, he decided to offer an offline meeting instantly too. That’s how he wanted to find out how, actually, serious these ladies are. And unfortunately, the results of his experiment were sad. Those girls, who didn’t disappear after the confession about the language, started ignoring him after a real-life date hint. Well, not all of them – two of thirteen females were obviously interested. But is it sufficient? We also tried to report the suspicious behavior to the management of the Ukraine Date site. Do we need to say nothing was done in this regard? The rest of the conclusions you can make yourself…

Ukrainedate dating site FAQ

Is UkraineDate free to use?

As mentioned in our Ukrainian date review, the website is not absolutely free to use. For sure, you can use it for a while charge-free. Since you will be able to read the messages from the users with the premium membership. But it makes things really complicated – we think you already realize this. Thus sooner or later, it will be necessary to buy the subscription.

How to create a profile on UkraineDate?

You already know that UD is not completely user-friendly. It actually starts with registration since you need to find the corresponding button first. So to proceed, you need to click the View Singles Now button. Then, you will be asked to provide the most basic information about yourself, such as your first name and gender. And – that’s all. The UkraineDate login with your Facebook or Google account is not suggested.

How do UkraineDate credits work?

As far as we understood, you don’t need credits when using UkraineDate. You don’t pay for each service you use there. You are offered to buy a subscription plan in accordance with your needs instead.

Is UkraineDate safe?

If you ask us about scams – we need to disappoint you. There are plenty of reports in this regard on the Internet. So be very careful, especially if someone asks you to send money for plane tickets or anything else. The digital safety of UD is pretty questionable too. According to some users, they have evidence the site administration collects the personal data of its users…

How can I delete my UkraineDate profile?

To deactivate your UkraineDate account, you need to go to your profile setting. There, you will be able to see the Switch Off Profile option. Click on it to be redirected to the corresponding page. First, you will need to give a reason why you want to stop searching for love there – and that’s all. The second step is also the last one.

How many members does UkraineDate have?

It is stated that the UkraineDate dating website has over 1000000 active users. Although, you don’t need to forget that more than 80% of them are males.

Can I use UkraineDate anonymously?

Yes, you can use the UkraineDate dating service anonymously. But not with the basic membership, of course. All subscription plans (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) will enable you to hide your profile from other members.

How can I know that the UD profiles are real?

Those who have joined UkraineDate don’t get automatically verified. It goes for the female members either, of course. Therefore, to make sure the person you chat with is real – suggest making a video chat outside the side. The serious woman won’t see anything offensive in this offer.

Is UD messaging free?

No, it is not. To enjoy the limitless Ukraine Date messaging, you will have to buy a subscription.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Dating platform UkraineDate doesn’t approve profiles of new users. Even your email address shouldn’t definitely be valid! Still, if you are talking about verifying your profile – it will take a little while. After uploading the official document (ID card, driver’s license, etc.) – the UD managers will need a few days to check it and give you a special badge.

What can I do to keep my profile safe?

If you want to keep your account safe from Ukraine Date scam attempts – simply don’t send your money to the ladies, even if their pleas seem plausible. The rest of the recommendations are pretty standard. The creation of a strong password and carefulness with personal data belongs to this list.

A lot has been said in today's review... But the point is, you now know the truth about UkraineDate. What is our final verdict, then? Well, we don't have a definite opinion. For sure, some things about UD seem pretty beneficial. But, on the other hand, the drawbacks we have found are no less significant. Can you turn a blind eye to them? We - cannot do this.

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