Valentime review

  • You can create a profile on Valentime and set it up for free.
  • The platform is LGBT-friendly.
  • There are some site features available at no cost, such as Newsfeed or People.
  • You can use templates when chatting.
  • Valentime cares about its female members’ security. If you want to request an offline meeting – you need to go through the verifications process
  • When you open the website for the first time, you don’t understand its purpose. Valentime’s design is misleading.
  • There is no mobile app.
  • The rules of the site don’t fight fraudsters; they help these people to work. It’s the main drawback of Valentime.com.
  • There are not many female users on the website.
  • The presence of fake profiles.
  • There are not many Valentime services that are available for free.
  • The platform’s prices are really high.


Valentime.com: is it the platform where you can indeed find your perfect match?

Statistics show that more and more modern singles are looking for love through the Internet. This is not surprising, though – especially when considering the advantages of online dating. This way of getting to know potential life partners is really effective. Since the majority of popular matchmaking platforms use scientific algorithms, they can, therefore, help discover the true soulmates. And do this particularly well, by the way. What is even more important, online dating is time-saving. Instead of spending months going to various events for singles – you can determine your conversationalist simply with two clicks. All you need to do is – decide who you like more and send a message. At the same time, Internet matchmaking offers flexibility. Whether you are on the way to work, at your lunch break, or on the sofa in the evening – you can chat. Thanks to apps and websites, you can log into your profile and see your partner’s suggestions anytime and anywhere! However, to find what you are looking for online – you should, above all, figure out which platform suits you and your expectations. Today, we bring to your attention the review on the Valentime dating site. Let’s find out whether you can fulfill your personal needs there.

First impression

As always, we like to start with the first impression. Because it’s no secret – this is most of the time decisive. Okay then, what do you see when you follow the link www.Valentime.com? All joking aside, the design of this website can hardly be associated with dating. The model (its ambassador) looks like a typical office manager. She has a formal white blouse and glasses – smiles at something on her cell phone. In combination with the simply styled logo with standard business fonts – it gives a feeling when you open a platform – it is specialized in recruiting. Or, at least, make recommendations on writing a successful CV. Even funnier is the wording that Valentime dating service uses. Have you watched Friends, the episode when Joey uses the thesaurus? If yes – you understand what we are talking about now. What Valentime has written could have been formulated more casually. For example, attractive singles instead of lovely individuals would sound much better. The main purpose of the platform (“to help dynamic people socialize”) seems pretty strange, either. The site owners should change their language style as soon as possible. Otherwise, they better modify the name of the service to “Dating for bores.” When scrolling the Valentime homepage to the bottom, you can see the promises these guys give. For instance, they say how much they care about quality and continuously work on adding new services. Also, according to them, the customer support service is available 24 hours/7 days a week. Sounds promising – we need to admit that. But how do things work in reality? We guess it’s time to join to figure it out.

Valentime women: where are they from?

The dating platform Valentime doesn’t present its female users right on the homepage, as many of its competitors do. And, in fact, it is anywhere mentioned where their ladies are from. Actually, the only place on the site we have found anything in this regard is the About Us section – which is really inconvenient. Anyway, what they say is pretty weird. According to the official statements, Valentime may be used by men from the UK, Germany, or the US to connect with the girls from China, Argentina, and Russia. Uncommon selection, isn’t it? Also, we have conducted a kind of research and found out that merely 32% of the website’s users are women. It means, getting someone to chat with will be pretty difficult…

How do you sign up?

Those who want to sign up to Valentime won’t have to do anything special to join this platform. But don’t worry – we’ll explain what exactly is needed step by step. First, you ought to select your gender from the drop-down list. Then – your name, date of birth, and email address. The last field in the registration form – is the password. To proceed with the Valentime sign-up, you need to tick the box with the user agreement and hit the Register button. After that, you will be invited to set up your profile. You can either do this right away or leave the editing of your user page till later. No matter what you decide in the previous steps, the last registration stage is about reading the platform’s rules. It’s advisable you become familiar with them since these standards regulate your love search. And, that’s all – you can start chatting with Valentime girls.

How do you set up your profile?

As soon as the Valentime login page is left behind, you can consider editing your user profile. To proceed with it – you need to click the self-titled button right opposite your name. In the beginning, you are invited to provide such facts as your name, birthday, country, and city you live in. Also, you can share your current marital status, the field you work in, your level of English, and other languages you can speak. Then, you are suggested to tell the members of the Valentime about yourself. First, your character traits appear – you can choose from nineteen options. Next are your hobbies, but there are not many alternatives. Your favorite movies and music genre could be chosen in this section of the website’s questionnaire. What are you looking for? Is it just Internet chatting or something more serious? The age of the potential girlfriend, as well as her personality type – these, are the details you can specify there. The last part of the information you can tell about yourself is your personal story. What do you think is necessary for the Valentime women to know about you? Write all these things right there! And, when you are ready, press the Save button.

Does Valentime have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, the Valentime dating website doesn’t have a mobile app. This, in our opinion, is short-sighted on their side. Because all modern singles prefer no-the-go dating, which is, without the app, absolutely not possible. We hope the site owners will take care of this matter soon.

Main features

What do you get after entering your username and password on the Valentime login page? Exactly – the access to the website’s main features! Let’s focus on them in this part of our review. The first one of the services we’ll consider is the Newsfeed. As far as we understand, this feature is similar to what social networks nowadays offer. Just like on Instagram or Facebook – Valentime’s feed compiles the latest updates female users make. If you like someone and want to know her better – you can follow this lady and get notifications about her new posts. The next one of the services that Valentime provides is named People. It is equivalent to a well-known dating app – Tinder, by the way. Don’t worry if you are an inexperienced user – we’ll explain how it works. So, through this feature, you can play a sort of match-game. There you get a random photo of the lady with a link to her profile. You can either hit the Like button (if you find a woman good-looking) or – press Skip (if she is not your type). We think it’s a nice service. The one that can help you determine potential conversationalists. You can surprise your favorite Valentime brides with various gifts. It is stated by the site administration that the usual delivery time for a present is around 14 days. The prices, however, can’t be called low (you can see it from the screenshot above). Those ready to make such a serious step – can request a real-life meeting with a Valentime girl. Although you can’t do this right away, even if you want to. Above all, you need to verify your identity. We think it’s great – it means the platform’s staff cares about the safety of their female members. Also, what is equally good, a girl can reject your request – she is not obliged to accept it. The same goes for the appeal of getting her private contact information.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

Dating site Valentime, like many other international matchmakers, has two types of Search. Let’s start with the basic one. The criteria offered in the most simple version won’t help you much. Since there are only the woman’s age and her current online/offline status. Merely stated, the results you get will be very general. And, to be honest, it doesn’t seem to be enough. The extended version of the Search, available for members on Valentime.com, implies many additional criteria. For instance, it includes the country and city a potential girlfriend lives in, her marital status and the presence of children, religion, level of education, and attitude towards smoking and drinking. If you know the ID number of the lady you want to chat with – you can insert it in the corresponding field. P.S. There is a curious thing we have noticed during testing this feature. It seems, Valentime is gay-friendly. You can see it through changing the gender of the person you are looking for. We salute this attitude!

How do you communicate?

There are a few ways how you can communicate with the ladies on the Valentime dating website. They are definitely not extraordinary, but we’ll share some details in this regard. Let’s begin with the Mailbox. This service represents the typical letters exchange. We guess you won’t experience any difficulties using it because it works just like your regular email. Therefore, the folders in it are standard: inbox, outbox, drafts, and trash. The incoming mails you have read are marked with two tick marks. The second communication option you have as a member of Valentime is Messages. Once again, it shouldn’t be something absolutely undiscovered to you – it’s just a chat room. If you are a shy person and don’t know how to start a conversation with your favorite girl – you can use templates. They are hidden behind the Let’s Talk button. It’s also possible you add some of your own phrases to the standard list. The various cute sticker packs are available, too.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

What does a free membership offer?

We guess you were waiting for this moment right from the beginning of our dating site review. Don’t worry – we won’t keep you in the dark. But, at first, we are going to figure out whether it’s possible to use Valentime without becoming a paid member. Initially, you can create your profile and look around without any obligation. You can also search for potential conversationalists and open their user pages for free. Some Valentime services are provided charge-free, such as Newsfeed and People. You can read the details about them earlier in our article. The same goes for opening the first letters from all ladies from the catalog. You may send a Wink to your favorite girl without paying for it. And – that’s all, buying paid membership is unavoidable.

What does a paid membership offer?

It’s time to take a closer look at prices on Valentime. And spoiler: be ready to pay a pretty penny. First and foremost, the site administration’s attitude towards payments is strange. You can’t see all the credits packages before buying and spending the welcome one. Why do we think it’s weird? Because you, as a new member, can’t estimate the general price level on the site. What if you can’t afford their services? In our opinion, it’s really unfair that they make their users spend their funds and chat with the women without the conviction that these guys will stay. Only three words: cruel marketing games! Still, we were able to find out how each Valen Time service is priced. One minute of chatting costs 2 credits, without extra charge for watching a stream. But be careful with stickers – for each of them, you will be charged 5 credits. In fact, many chat features have an additional price – read the rules to prevent unexpected expenses. Mailing is hardly less expensive than chatting. All incoming (except for the introduction) and outgoing letters are priced at 10 credits. The attachments have extra costs, too. For example, 50 credits for watching a video. The most overpriced are meeting requests and contact exchange, of course. The 625 and 3000 credits, respectively.

Customer support

If you have trouble using Valentime – you can try to find solutions in the FAQ section. There, all frequently asked questions are packed into categories, such as Technical Issues or Billing. It is, although, possible you won’t find the explanation to your problem among the typical ones. Then, you need to hit the Submit a Request button on the top right corner of the page. You will be asked to fill out the corresponding form. The information required: your email address, subject of the message, description of your issue, and attachments. Then, press Submit and wait – it will take a while till you get the response.

Security and safety

To get access to the Terms of Use on the platform, you need to enter the email address and password in the Valentime login form. Otherwise, you won’t be able to read what these guys write there. And guess what: you are going to be unpleasantly surprised! If you carefully read the Terms of Use, you can find out that women don’t create profiles themselves. They always belong to some agency. And, according to the site’s rules, the representatives of these agencies can moderate the communication. And, therefore, lure men into buying more and more credits. Trust us, this approach is really misleading – you can’t know whether the letters you love so much are written by your online girlfriend or by a professional matchmaker… When checking the other Valentime reviews from the former members, a clear tendency was discovered by our team. Many of its female users, found on social networks, such as Facebook, didn’t know they were searching for love abroad. Notwithstanding the “Validated member” badge, by the way. The goal of such fraudsters is to make you buy credits. So, when you want to exchange contacts – everything changes. And the customer support managers don’t react to such complaints or, in most cases, ignore them at all…

Valentime.com dating site FAQ

Is Valentime free to use?

As mentioned in our Valentime review, the platform isn’t free to use. Sure, there are certain services available at no cost. They have nothing to do with communication, though. And, furthermore, the chats and letters will cost you an arm and a leg. Keep this in mind when joining the site.

How to create a profile on Valentime?

The credits on Valentime.com work just like everywhere on the Internet among international dating platforms. They are used as a virtual currency that enables buying the site’s services. Since their price is not in dollars or euros.

Is Valentime safe to use?

Well, this question is pretty controversial. For sure, for a Valentime bride – it’s a perfect platform. She is protected by the site administration, and you can’t simply request an offline date with her. The verification of your identity is necessary. On the other hand, when you are a male member of Valentime – you can’t feel safe chatting there. You don’t know who exactly you talk with: whether it’s a local agency representative of the site or your favorite lady. Thus, the answer is uncertain…

How can I delete my Valentime profile?

To deactivate your account on the Valentime dating site – go to your user menu. On the top right corner is placed the button named Your profile. Choose Settings from the drop-down list. There, you will be able to see the Deactivate profile button – press it. If you, however, want to delete your user page once and for all – contact the platform’s administration.

How many members does Valentime have?

Unfortunately, online dating Valentime doesn’t share such information. Anyway, while testing its search system, we couldn’t get more than 500 results…

Can I use Valentime anonymously?

The Valentime account can’t be completely anonymous. Still, there is something in this regard you will like. This dating site does not show the profiles of the ladies until you are registered as a member yourself. This ensures some privacy, don’t you think so? At the same time, you can add all kinds of pictures to your profile. For instance, Valentime gives you the option to create private albums. This enables you to give access to these pictures only to those members you are fond of.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

The fact is – you can’t know that. Even the big green badge “Validated member” doesn’t mean anything. The number of Valentime scam reports is simply overwhelming.

Is Valentime messaging free?

No, it is not. Actually, the truth about Valentime in regards to pricing is unpleasant. The extra charges are provided for almost everything! Even the stickers in chat have their price! So, be very careful if you want to avoid unexpected expenses.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

If you mean the verification process that allows arranging an offline date – it’s very personal. You need to contact the customer support service in this respect and clarify all the nuances. But, basically, when you have joined Valentime – there is no verification needed.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

After testing the Valentime dating site, we can give you a small tip in this regard. If you start communicating with the lady – try to find her account on a social network. Make sure she is single and knows who you are. The rest of the safety rules are similar to usual Internet usage security recommendations.

Final verdict

The Valentime dating site is not as popular as many other international matchmaking platforms. We can understand why – even its design is not associated with the love search! But what about our opinion? Is the website worth your time and money? To be honest, we are not sure… In our opinion, the high price must be accompanied by an equal quality level. This is definitely not the case, as you already know from our review…

Safe & Secure
Communication Options
Detailed Profiles
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7.3 Overall Rating