A large number of websites and apps, together with the profiles of thousands of mail-order brides, are waiting for everyone who wants to find a life partner online. The Internet offers plenty of opportunities for love seekers from different parts of the world. But how does it work? Are top-rated mail-order brides sites really that good, or do they just give their users only the illusion of success? How to find out which dating service is reliable and which one is a scam before it’s not too late? Don’t worry: we’ll explain it all to you!

What mail-order brides services are?

A typical mail-order bride service is, in fact, an old good dating agency, where marriage brokers help singles to find love. Just a decade ago, men and women had to come to an office of such a company, look through the printed catalogs of other members, and ask matchmakers to arrange meetings. The things are much simpler now: you don’t even have to get out of your chair to get the ball rolling. An online agency can take on the task of supporting you in your search for a partner by suggesting suitable candidates!

What is the goal of people who decide on this kind of dating, you ask? Well, it all depends on you. As a rule, the seeker indicated his wishes. The general aspiration, however, is to make delectable acquaintances. And, in the best case, develop one of them into a committed relationship or marriage.

Actually, the principal matchmaking instrument that helps men to find beautiful mail-order brides are, of course, users’ profiles. They enable singles to introduce themselves to each other without spending a minute of private conversation. Most often, in addition to personal pictures, users write in profiles essential information about them: such as name, age, date of birth, occupation, hobbies, interests, dislikes, and preferences. The seekers also gladly describe their expectations towards the potential partners which is really useful.

Based on the agency’s working style, the services they provide might differ. Either a member chooses potential partners himself, or he gets suggestions from the website’s staff with the list of most compatible to him users. In both cases, online communication nuances and real-life meetings are solely a matter of the singles.

It’s important to remember that no reliable agency can give its users a guarantee of success.

How do mail-order brides services nowadays work?

The working principles of a typical get a mail-order-bride site are based on offering to its members the most compatible partners for further communication. As a matter of fact, such online dating services represent traditional offline marriage brokers but with improved quality and flexibility of services. Instead of hours of personal chats and years of gaining knowledge of human psychology – the matchmaking process nowadays is based on science.

What does it mean? After joining a mail-order brides website, all singles usually fill out an extensive questionnaire. These questions are selected by professional psychologists and are aimed at the revelation of the person’s identity. With the help of them, step-by-step users get nearer to understanding their own wishes, as well as desires towards the partner. The results of each user are, as a rule, compared to what other singles have answered. The candidates with the highest compatibility are then suggested to each other as contacts.

As you can see, matchmakers only make recommendations – the rest is up to the members. The best services to find a mail-order wife on such platforms are, of course, text and video chats, letters, and phone calls. Each of these features can’t be completely free to use. Still, certain websites offer a monthly subscription for their services. So people could have unlimited access to all dating opportunities paying just a fixed amount of money.

What do we do and how can we help you?

Everyone who is looking for a partner on the Internet is almost overwhelmed by the number of offers. The dating boom can also be noticeable in our environment: acquaintances, friends, relatives … many of them tried out a matchmaking platform at least once. At the same time, for plenty of men we know, such an easy at first glance task turned out to be mission impossible. Yes, finding mail-order brides might be a real challenge!

As internet experts, we were regularly contacted when it came to the difficulties the love seeker experienced. Typically our advice was asked in the following matters:

Too many offers

If you are a freshman in this kind of dating – it’s absolutely okay if you feel lost in this part of the Internet jungle. What to choose: video chats, flirting websites, mail-order brides services? Due to the lack of a similar experience, it’s not easy to make a final choice.

Quick frustration

Some guys create profiles on a randomly picked platform and become disappointed very soon. Technical issues, fake users, dating scams, stolen private information… All these problems people face when they don’t give enough time for searching for the list of the best mail-order brides sites.


We’ve heard this complaint particularly often: “At first it was said that membership was free. Then, I filled out a questionnaire for half an hour and wanted to get started with communication right away. But that was not possible because to send flirt messages, I had to become a premium member for a lot of money.” Well, unfortunately, not everyone reads the user agreement conditions before registering on a dating service.

And there also was something like a thousand additional questions on getting a mail-order bride. Such as recommendations on creating a good profile, picking the best photos, highlighting the most essential search criteria, and other rules of successful behavior.

At some point, we realized that it’s something more than just a problem of our friends. Many males from different countries face the same issues every day. So the idea arose immediately: we need to create a website that would give competent help to those looking for a partner on the Internet.

We have extensively tested the most popular mail-order bride sites and created a comprehensive review for each of them. Trust us: after reading our guides, your search is bound to succeed!

Basic statistics about mail-order brides services

As modern people, we like to get something more than just empty words when making a decision. To find the best mail-order wife is no exception. For this reason, we have got some statistics that might be helpful in this regard.

First of all, we want to highlight the countries where this kind of dating is most popular. The leading position is taken by US-guys with 15,4% of all users of such websites. The citizens of China (12%) occupy a second place at this rate. UK-males are next with 11,8%. The most inactive matchmaking platforms users live in Japan (only 1,2%).

When talking about the users of both sexes of mail-order brides’ websites, 49% of them are looking for committed relationships and marriage. 36% don’t have any specific desire; and, the rest 15% – simply want to experience an online adventure.

The most active users of such platforms are men in the age of 35 and older, while women are much younger – they are, most commonly, aged 21 and above.

What is significant for mail-order wives in their potential partners? Who is, in their opinion, hot, and who – definitely not? According to statistics, 76% of women pay attention to men’s facial features in general. For 70% of mail-order brides, his smile is important. 67% of them find the eyes’ color crucial. And only 50% think that his body should be in shape.

How much does it all cost, after all? As usual, men spend from $2000 to $20000 to find a mail-order wife.

Benefits of using a mail-order brides service

As you already know, mail-order brides’ online dating services staff offer singles every possible help. For example, singles do not need to look for suitable partners themselves – they often receive specific suggestions. This is not the only advantage that dating agencies offer, though. Seven more of the benefits you can find right below:

Online security and data protection

The protection of user data is taken very seriously by most reputable mail-order dating sites. It is only sent using SSL encryption.

In addition, for example, GoldenBride and UAdates guarantee their members that personal data will not be sold or passed on to third parties. Careful manual control of the site administration means that fake profiles have no chance to appear in the catalog. Users’ activities are usually monitored too. This ensures that no one publishes inappropriate photos or other offensive content.

Free trial period

Registration and creating a profile, as well as other basic website services, are, in most cases, free of charge. It is also often possible to send a smile or a compliment to other registered members of the mail-order bride website without paying a penny.

Initial partner suggestions, just like access to all profiles of the catalog, can also be given without a paid membership. It gives you a chance to look around and make a decision in no hurry.

Numerous new members every day

The best mail-order bride sites invest part of their marketing budget in different kinds of advertisements. This means that numerous new members are adding to their databases every day. This ensures a large variety of possible partners. In other words: no dream-lady on the site today doesn’t mean her profile won’t appear in the catalog tomorrow.

Balanced gender ratio among members

If you choose a legal mail-order brides’ website, the ratio between male and female members is always relatively balanced, in this case. In contrast, there are too many men on casual dating platforms. As a result, women are flooded with their messages. Because of the fierce competition, guys have less chance of actually getting in touch with the ladies they are interested in. This causes frustration on both sides.

Time saved

You don’t have to look through the whole mail-order brides catalog of your dating service. You can use either an advanced search, filtering profiles of those users who fit your preferences or confide in website staff and suggestions they make.

If you like, you can start exchanging personal contact information immediately. So choosing marriage brokers doesn’t mean years of endless chats.

An opportunity to get to know singles outside of your circle of acquaintances

Anyone who only searches for a potential girlfriend in his own city or among colleagues significantly reduces his chances of finding great love. In this way, such a person doesn’t use all the opportunities the modern world offers!

Mail-order bride agency, on the other hand, says that there are no geographical or social limits. In addition, you don’t have to sit and wait for a perfect time to make the first step. Instead, you can start acting right after the registration.

A chance to meet like-minded people

To find a bride using the mail-order service is much easier than offline.

When it comes to online dating – it is clear from the start: both sides are single and want a long-term relationship. So you don’t have to wonder whether this beautiful girl has a boyfriend. This knowledge certainly simplifies your search enormously and saves you one or two sleepless nights.

Top-7 mail-order bride facts you might like to know

Did you know that July 24th is an International Virtual Love Day? If you are looking for a mail-order bride, use these curious facts to avoid a slightly awkward silence during your conversations.

One out of three people in the world is in search of love

According to recent research, 51 percent of respondents said they have some experience with mail-order women. The numbers among men in age 21 to 29 are even higher. However, there are significantly fewer online cavaliers among men from 65 years and older.

Does happily ever after exist?

More than half of all users of online mail-order bride websites think so. And they are probably right since the international rate of marriages and divorces among the couples who have found each other in this way confirms the above mentioned statement.

What is the best way of expressing your affection?

Many men think the best way of expressing affection is to say nice words about the character traits of the conversationalist. Well, definitely not when it comes to winning the heart of a mail-order girlfriend online. 98 percent of single ladies on such websites prefer hearing compliments about their hair, eyes, or body instead.

Forget about the sex and your ex

It is better not to talk about sex straight away when getting to know each other through a mail-order bride platform. One in two women registered on such a website feels that this is absolutely wrong. On the other hand, you should avoid telling stories about your ex. Such a conversation doesn’t go well with 40 percent of girls.

What about the no-goes?

Etiquette knowledge is what you need! For almost 40 percent of mail-order brides, bad manners are the number 1 reason to say goodbye to a potential boyfriend. Too many tattoos occupy the second place of this rating. The third-place belongs to bad habits.

Social media check

When men find mail-order brides’ profiles on dating websites – many of them can’t believe such beauties can be single! Therefore, according to a recent survey, more than half of all male users of these platforms check their social media. Embarrassing posts, as well as too provocative photos, turn out to be a stop sign for an online romance.

The more options, the better

The majority of users who want to find mail-order wives, namely 59 percent – are members of more than one dating platform. 34 percent of them use at least two services at the same time.

Who can use these dating services and search for mail-order brides online?

Are you looking for a committed relationship? Tired of senseless and absurd acquaintance-making on numerous casual dating apps? Then you should take a closer look at websites with legit mail-order brides. Such platforms are, in fact, for everyone:

  • in whose opinion personality is equally important as appearance;
  • who value fair play.
  • who seek something more than superficial chats and online flirts;
  • for whom, when looking for a partner, personal security is essential.

We have good news for all hopeless romantics. Even in modern times of online hookups, love can be soulful and poetic – like it was with Romeo and Juliet. Serious platforms where you can find a mail-order bride create the optimal conditions for starting a long-term and happy relationship.

With the help of innovative methods, you can precisely meet those singles who match your expectations particularly well. Attitudes, values, interests, and the other aspects that affect the couple’s future… It all will be carefully reviewed by the website staff. When making suggestions, these experts usually show members what they have in common with potential life partners. The rest is up to them.

Another advantage over dating apps is a desire for a long-term relationship mail-order brides platforms’ members have. It means you won’t be disappointed to find out that your girlfriend is up to online fun only.

What is our mission?

Our mission is, of course, to help singles from different parts of the world to figure out what online matchmaking is and explain how it works. The same goes for mail-order bride catalogs, most frequently seen services, and other important nuances.

We see ourselves as independent and objective reviewers of the dating market. Our team tests marriage brokers for their quality, efficiency, and reliability, as well as the price-performance ratio.

We don’t only want to make the rapidly growing online matchmaking market manageable for you. Our goal also is to give our readers practical tips on how to be successful on top mail-order bride sites. However, above all, we want to protect singles from losing a lot of money and energy with scammers and fraudsters.

We put plenty of time and effort into the tests to be able to give sincere recommendations to our users. Every member of our staff can be confidently called a dating expert. The experience and knowledge these people have should definitely be shared with those who need it. Don’t you think so?